Jesse Tree

Advent calendar 2003

Advent Sunday
30th November
1st December 2nd December 3rd December 4th December 5th December 6th December

Advent Two
7th December
8th December 9th December 10th December 11th December 12th December 13th December

Advent Three
14th December
15th December 16th December 17th December 18th December 19th December 20th December

Advent Four
21st December
22nd December 23rd December 24th December Christmas

Prayer of St Richard of Chichester:

Thanks be to you, my Lord Jesus Christ,
for all the benefits which you have won for me,
for all the pains and insults you have borne for me.
O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
may I know you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
and follow you more nearly,
day by day