St Philip’s O’Connor, Community Spring Fling
Saturday, 14 October, 10am – 2pm

Getting Ready! Parishioner what to do list / how you can help

Curries: Can you make a pot of curry? Please bring in slow cooker if possible. Co-ordinators: Pat & Susan

BBQ (sausage sizzle): Can you cook a sausage? Co-ordinator: ?? Please see Leighton

Books: Do you have any that you need to move on? Co-ordinators: Peter & Philippa

Better Bits (Treasures): Do you have any interesting items that you want to pass on? Co-ordinator: Kerry-Anne (please save your items for the Cousin's return on, Sunday 1 October)

Kitchen Creations: Can you bake a cake, make a slice or biscuits, etc? Do you have any preserves, jams? Will you have any fresh produce? Any other ideas? Co-ordinator: Susan

Other stalls at the Spring Fling include: Morning tea, Pancakes, Bar & Tapas and Pandora's

Entertainment: we are looking for people who can perform some music live, we are happy for people to busk. If you know of someone please let Leighton know. Co-ordinator: Leighton

Set up:
Friday, 13 Oct, 7pm - Hall/Kindergarten setup (Better bits, Kitchen creations & Books) & Meeting Room (Morning tea & Curries)
Saturday 14 Oct, 8am – Courtyard setup

Please share our event from our Facebook page. Please put up a poster at your local shops, workplace, etc. Please email the flyer to your friends. Please distribute flyers to your neighbour’s letterboxes if you live in Lyneham, O’Connor & Turner.

Pack up:
From 2pm we need to pack everything up & clean up. Drinks follow for everyone who has helped with the Spring Fling.

Thanks in advance for all your assistance,
Event Co-ordinators: Leighton Mann & Helen Palethorpe

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