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Monday 10 April 2017

I have witnessed—for more than three decades—the difference that Jesus, the "resurrection and the life— (John 11:25), makes in the life of disciples.

I'm thinking, in particular, of my mother-in-law, Rosemary. She died this past week in her ninth decade.

Rosemary's faith in the risen Christ was firm and practical.

She'd trusted the Lord Jesus in and through her husband's death and was left to raise four children. She was still in her thirties at the time.

Rosemary would bring her petitions before the Lord each day and night. The carpet was threadbare (from praying) where she knelt.

And she looked to Jesus for strength and support when a teen-age son drowned or when she'd given away all her savings to a friend in need and wasn't sure how she'd provide for her own.

Rosemary followed and served the Risen Christ throughout. Even with 'Alzheimer's' she kept her eyes fixed on Jesus and said she was more than ready to leave her earthly tent (II Corinthians 5:1) and embrace that which is glorious and unfading.

To the question Jesus put to his dear friend, Martha, "…whoever lives by believing in me will never die; do you believe this?"—Rosemary was able to reply from a life of experience and a heart full of love, "Yes, yes, unequivocally, yes!"

Christos Anesti!



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