Rectors of St Philip's

In many Anglican churches, the title 'rector' is now used to indicate the minister in charge of the Parish. (It comes from the Latin regere and rector referring to rulership.) The title 'vicar' is now rarely used in Australia.

These are the rectors (or ministers-in-charge) of St Philip's since its beginnings. We have been well served by some much-loved pastors.

BuckleBefore St Philip's became a separate parochial district and later a parish, the O'Connor area was part of the Canberra North Parish led by the Revd Edward G. ('Ted') Buckle Th L. This picture was taken later in his life. From 1981-1992 Buckle was Assistant Bishop of Auckland.
Cecil A Warren MA, ThL, 1960-63.
Warren was the first priest-in-charge of St Philip's when it became a parochial district in 1960 and its first rector when it was made a Parish in 1961. This picture was taken later, when Warren visited St Philip's as Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn.
HobsonDB Hobson, BA, BD, 1963-68
SW Holmes, BA ThL, 1968-73Holmes
ArthurRt Revd Robert G Arthur, MA, 1973-74
Arthur served in the Methodist ministry from 1931-49 and then entered the Anglican ministry. He was appointed Archdeacon and Rector of St John's Canberra in 1953. In 1956, Arthur was consecrated as Assistant Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn and was Bishop of Grafton from 1961-73. He then was rector of St Philip's for two years, before moving to England.
GC Garnsey, MA, 1975-78Garnsey
WillsonRobert J Willson, BA, LittB, MACE, 1979-85
D Douglas Bannermann, BTech, BTh, 1985-95Bannerman
OliphantDavid G Oliphant, MA, BD, BArch, DPS, DipLS, 1995-98
Jane E Foulcher, BA(Hons), GradDipDiv, 1997-98Foulcher

Robert W Lamerton, ThL, 1999-2008.

Rob died while in office as Rector and his funeral was held at St Philip's.

| Eulogy by Rob's elder son, John | Memories and pictures of Rob Lamerton |

Raymond Williamson, ThL, MA, PhD, OAM, 2008-2009 locumWilliamson
NewlandRebecca M Newland, BTh, MMin, 2009-2015
Jeannette McHugh, BA, BTh, GradDipCommCounselling, OblSB, locum, 2015McHugh
Dundon Colin Dundon, MA(Hons) BD(Hons) PhD, locum, 2015-16
Martin Johnson, BTh(Hons) MTh, 2016-Johnson