The Lamerton Centre: costs and funding

A breakdown of the cost of the Lamerton Center is approximately: building - 73%, verandah - 9%, deck - 5%, kitchenette - 2%, other costs, including site preparation, planning approval and utility connection - 11%.

Sources of funding include existing parish funds, special donations from parish members, and grants. In addition to generous grants from Anglicare and ACT Community Support and Infrastructure, we have also received two smaller grants—a Commonwealth Government Volunteers Grant to assist the Northbourne Community Centre and for some fit-out of the new building and an ACT Government community security grant to update the security lighting around the church. Despite all the good news on funding we nevertheless had to borrow.

Funds have been drawn down from the $70,000 interest free loan for the Centre, which means that monthly repayments will begin in October. Pandora's has agreed to pay half the monthly repayment. The Parish Council accepted a very generous offer from a parishioner of an interest-free loan of $70,000. This will save approximately $27,000 of interest and was made on the basis of strict anonymity.

The parish through our regular income and giving will need to meet the residual amount of $400 per month. This will be a stewardship challenge but one that will underpin the work and outreach of the parish for years to come. Parishioners are encouraged to review at this time their current level of giving.

An application to incur debt has been approved by the Diocesan Finance Committee and a Property Development Submission lodged with the Diocese. The Anglican Investment and Development Fund (AIDF)has provided a loan facility.

An ACT 'development application' was approved by ACTPLA in March 2013, but required revision, which delayed the project. A separate 'building approval' ensures that the building complies with building laws, including the Building Code of Australia.

Donations by St Philip's parishioners are essential to the project. The funds will be placed into the building account and a receipt issued and will be handled in confidence. They are not tax deductible.

Parishioners who are in a position to do so could also consider a special annual one-off contribution towards the repayments. Such contributions should be placed in an envelope and clearly marked as "Lamerton Centre repayment".

Let's pray, dig deep, commit, support each other.