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These are the bulletins distributed weekly at our services. These pew sheets are all in pdf format.


8 August 2020Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
2 August 2020Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
26 July 2020Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
19 July 2020Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
12 July 2020Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
5 July 2020Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
28 June 2020Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
21 June 2020Third Sunday after Pentecost
14 June 2020Corpus Christi
7 June 2020Trinity Sunday
31 May 2020Pentecost Sunday
24 May 2020The Ascension of the Lord
17 May 2020Sixth Sunday of Easter
10 May 2020Fifth Sunday of Easter
3 May 2020Philip & James, Apostles & Martyrs
26 April 2020Third Sunday of Easter
19 April 2020Second Sunday of Easter
12 April 2020Easter Day
10 April 2020Liturgy of the Passion for Good Friday
5 April 2020Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion
29 March 2020Fifth Sunday in Lent
22 March 2020Fourth Sunday in Lent
15 March 2020Third Sunday in Lent
8 March 2020Second Sunday in Lent
1 March 2020First Sunday in Lent
23 February 2020Transfiguration and Baptism
16 February 2020Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
9 February 2020Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
2 February 2020Candlemas
26 January 2020Third Sunday after Epiphany
19 January 2020Second Sunday after Epiphany
12 January 2020The Baptism of Our Lord
5 January 2020The Epiphany of Our Lord