Pandora's@O'Connor: Roster, June – July 2018

Updated 6 June 2018

Roster co-ordinator: Kerry-Anne C.

Please try and arrange your own roster swap (and advise Kerry-Anne) before contacting relief staff.
If you have any other questions about Pandora's please also contact Kerry-Anne.

8Beryl / Susan9Rachel / Fiona
15Denise / Ann T16Valerie Pedvin / Pauline
22Jeannette / Janie23Doreen / Karuna
29Valerie K / Wendy30Susan / Pauline
8Kerry-Anne / Janie7Ann / Sally
13Jan / Tim14Rachael / Fiona
20Denise / Anne T21Valerie K / Pauline
27Wendy / Jeannette28Lisa / Susan

Please be at Pandoras at 9.30 to allow time to set up. Usually Kerry-Anne or Rachel will open up on Fridays. Ann M., Rachel or Kerry-Anne will open up on a Saturday.

Roster co-ordinator: Kerry-Anne Cousins
> Committee
Kerry-Anne C., Ann M., Susan J., Valerie K., Rachael T.

Committee members have keys, as well as James K., Denise M., and Roger S.