Parish Council

Parish Council 2018

Revd Martin Johnson
Rector's Warden: Denise Manley
People's Wardens: Dr Rosemary Knight and Roger Sharp
Councillors: Ian Cousins, Tim Gulliver, Leighton Mann, Rebecca Palethorpe, Shane Woodburn (Treasurer).

Key points from Council meetings

February 2018

At its meeting on 7 February, the Parish Council considered the agenda and papers for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at 11.15am sharp on Sunday 25 February.

After the normal business and elections, the AGM will have two general business items:
- Carola Parke Bequest
- Designation of 2018 Local Mission

Parishioners wishing to, or thinking of, filling vacancies on the Parish Council for 2018 should talk to Rev’d Martin well before the AGM.

Work on the Rectory Renovation Project was essentially completed during December/January with just some final painting and a bit of work on a small section of eaves remaining.

The replacement of the church and kindergarten fascia boards was completed in December and the courtyard tree was pruned. In January, a bee infestation in the vestry was removed, the dishwasher in the Lamerton Centre repaired and the waste from the trimming of the courtyard tree was removed.

The St Philip’s Autumn Market Morning will be held on Saturday 14 April from 9am to 1pm.