11th March 2018Fourth Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonHealing the serpent's bite
4 March 2018Third Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGood and Bad Religion
18th February 2018First Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLent and Engagement
14th February 2018Ash Wednesday 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonSorrowful Rejoicing ... and Scooters
11th February 2018Transfiguration 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonBeyond Words
4th February 2018Candlemas 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonParadox and Potential
28th January 2018Fourth Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Jeannette McHughWhat to do with food dedicated to idols
21st January 2018Third Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellJesus' Call: Good News Not Bad
31st December 2017Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonWhat were the magi seeking?