8th July 2018Seventh Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonCivility
1st July 2018Sixth Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonPatience
24th June 2018Fifth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Jeannette McHughQuantum Universe
17th June 2018Fourth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Difference God Makes
10th June 2018Third Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonNot losing heart and mental wellbeing.
3rd June 2018Corpus ChristiYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellOn Corpus Christi: Christ’s Thankful, Forward-Looking People
27th May 2018Trinity Sunday 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonProfound communion, the grammar of the Trinity.
20th May 2018Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellPentecost: Beyond Cynicism, Fatalism and Groupthink
13th May 2018Seventh Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonChristian Unity and Faithfulness
6th May 2018St Philip and St James 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellPhilip, James, and the Apostolic Reality
29th April 2018Fifth Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonRepentance and Hope
22nd April 2018Fourth Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Good Shepherd or the Meat Industry, Take Your Pick …
15th April 2018Third Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Easter Revolution
8th April 2018Second Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonReconciling the earthly and the spiritual
1st April 2018Easter Sunday 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCaught up in the New Creation
31st March 2018Easter VigilYear BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Angel of the Future
30th March 2018Good Friday Reflections 2018Year BRevd Martin Johnson
29th March 2018Maundy Thursday 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellA Tough and Genuine Alternative
11th March 2018Fourth Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonHealing the serpent's bite
4th March 2018Third Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGood and Bad Religion
25th February 2018Second Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLiving together with quiet confidence in the in-between space
18th February 2018First Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLent and Engagement
14th February 2018Ash Wednesday 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonSorrowful Rejoicing ... and Scooters
11th February 2018Transfiguration 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonBeyond Words
4th February 2018Candlemas 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonParadox and Potential
28th January 2018Fourth Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Jeannette McHughWhat to do with food dedicated to idols
21st January 2018Third Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellJesus' Call: Good News Not Bad
31st December 2017Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonWhat were the magi seeking?