Eucharist at Kankinya

St Philip's offers a weekly communion service at the Kankinya aged care home in Archibald Street Lyneham, at 10.30am each Saturday.

Kankinya specialises in the care of people with dementia. Simple, respectful and prayerful Christian worship, friendship and ministry touches people in spirit even when the thinking isn't working too well.


Kankinya means 'love and kindness'; the Kankinya Aged Care Facility cares for people with dementia using a restraint-free environment and humane attitude towards behavioural management. There are many forms of dementia, which usually occur in older people but can happen at any age. The progressive decline in a person's functioning may include loss of memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and understandable emotional response. Accommodating up to 80 people, the home is purpose-built for dementia care and allows residents to be "free to roam", embracing dementia rather than fighting it. Even dementia sufferers get lonely; activity and companionship are important to alleviate some of the anxiousness associated with the disease.