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Philip featured at the feeding of the five thousand when Jesus asked him "how will we feed all these folk?" Philip of course responded by telling Jesus that it would cost an arm and leg! John's account uses the material to point to greater things. The feeding of hungry people leads into the account of Jesus describing himself as 'the Bread of Life.' This then is our calling: to be involved in feeding people physically in the hope that through it their spiritual needs will also be met.

We have, over the years, been involved in feeding folk through the ministry of the Northbourne Centre and Deacon Robin. But the Centre has had to close as the Northbourne Flats were demolished.

St Philip's is taking up the challenge of of supporting the work of St John's Care, based in the neighbouring parish of Reid. St John's Care is experiencing increased requests for help but has reported a decrease in giving.

Financial hardship can strike anyone—an unexpected crisis, the loss of a a job, health problems, family breakdown and other reasons. St John's care provides emergency assistance of food, fresh fruit and vegetables. It also provides clothing, prescription-filling, bus fares, blankets and a limited amount of financial help to meet the basic requirements of people in need. Nearly all clients cannot afford to put food on the table regularly. St John's Care also offers many other kinds of help.

While you are doing your weekly shop consider an extra purchase or two place it in the donations basket at St Philip's; there will be a weekly delivery to St John's.

Essential items include:

Up & Go
Longlife or powdered milk
Small (250ml) cartons of milk
Peanut butter
Large tins of tuna
Pasta sauce (pouring sauces)
Pasta meals (dehydrated in foil packets)
Canned vegetables (peas and corn, creamed corn, beans)
Dehydrated Vegetables (Mashed potato, beans, peas, corn)
Snacks for School lunches (Small fruit packs, muesli bars, sultanas)
Small cans of fruit
Toilet paper
Feminine hygiene items

Non-essential but most welcome items include:

Washing up liquid
Laundry powder
Pull-up nappies
Savoury biscuits

St John's workers

St John's workers.

You may be able to get a deduction for food and goods you donate. If you take a bag of groceries directly to St John's with the receipt, you will get a tax deductible receipt for the amount you spent. (Your donation-in-kind will attract a tax deduction only if the goods are new, bought within twelve months, and you have a receipt to prove it.)

  • Ring St John's Care with your credit card details on 6248 7771
  • Download the donation form and return it to St John's Care, GPO Box 219, Canberra. 2601.
  • Transfer your donation directly to the St John's Care account BSB 702 389 Account No 05209490. For a receipt, please send an email with your details to Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

All donated funds remain in Canberra.

Source: images and information from St John's Anglican Parish, Reid.