Ministers and team leaders


Rector: Revd Martin Johnson (Pastoral Care)
Honorary associate priests: Revd Jeannette McHugh, Revd Canon Professor Scott Cowdell
Deacons: Revd Linda Anchell, Revd Robin Moore
Liturgical assistants: Sarah Gowty, Elise Palethorpe, Philippa Wicks & Peter Wilson

Parish Council

Revd Martin Johnson
Rector's Warden: Denise Manley
People's Wardens: Dr Rosemary Knight and Roger Sharp (Compliance & Safety Officer)
Councillors: Ian Cousins (Chair & Pandora's), Alistair Davidson, Cliff Lloyd, Russell McCaskie, Rebecca Palethorpe (Secretary, Children's & Youth, Communications, Food & Events @ St Philip's) & Shane Woodburn (Treasurer)

Co-ordinators and Teams

Building and Maintenance Co-ordinator:
Children's & Youth Ministry Support Group: Rector, Jo Lloyd & Rebecca Palethorpe
Clergy Appointment Board: Chris Cheah, Ian Cousins & Denise Manley.
Communications team: Parish Emails, Calendar & Rosters Leighton Mann; Pewsheet Denise Manley; Webkeepers Chris Cheah & Leighton Mann.
Flowers co-ordinator: Barbara Griffiths
Events and Food @ St Philip's Coordinators: Susan Johnson & Leighton Mann
Liturgy Team: The clergy, liturgical assistants & Music Directors.
Music Directors: Colin & Patricia Forbes.
Pandora's Management committee: contact Kerry-Anne Cousins, Ann Munro, Susan Johnson & Rachel Tscharke.
Pastoral Care Team: Rector, Chris Cheah, Denise Manley, Revd Jeannette McHugh, Revd Robin Moore & Helen Palethorpe.
Safety Officer and Compliance: Roger Sharp
St Pip's Youth Group: Rebecca & Steve Palethorpe
Synod representatives: Brian McKinlay, Ashton Robinson & Philippa Wicks. Alternate: Dr Rosemary Knight