Resumption of Worship Services

Covid Welcome

Sunday services will return to their normal timings of 8am (said service) and 10am (with music, but not singing) from Sunday 28 June. The Thursday 10am service has already resumed.

The 8am service will continue to be streamed live via Facebook & and available on YouTube for viewing later. This will continue for July and then be reviewed.

All services will operate in accordance with COVIDSAFE arrangements as set down by government and the diocese.

If you are unwell, please do not attend services. The main symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. Less common symptoms are loss of smell, loss of taste, runny nose, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

If you become unwell at church and suspect that you may have the virus, please report to the Rector or a warden immediately.

We realise that the new arrangements are going to involve cultural change from the way we have traditionally attended services. We ask for your patience and understanding. The COVIDSAFE arrangements are in the interest of protecting fellow parishioners and the wider community.

Social Distancing

The church has a maximum COVIDSAFE capacity of 65. Social distancing of 1.5 metres must be maintained inside the church at all times including on entry and exit.

The pews have been rearranged so they are 1.5 metres apart and green ticks have been placed where you will be required to sit. Couples and family groups who live together are exempt from the 1.5 metre requirement but they must be 1.5 metres from others.

There will be no children’s area at the back of the church at 10am. The greater distance between pews will allow children to have space to be with their parents for any activities.

Please also maintain social distancing in the courtyard prior to and after services.

The Governments of Australia encourage use of the COVIDSAFE app to assist with contact tracing.

The Service

There will be a service sheet which you are asked to take with you at the end of the service. No hymn or prayer books will be used. Communion will be in only one form — bread.

There will be a retiring collection bowl at the back of the church. There will be no passing around of the collection bag. The EFTPOS machine with sanitiser wipes will be on the foyer bench near the front door. Please wipe it down after use.

Entry, Exit and Hygiene

The church is now back to weekly cleaning with extra attention to touch points. There will be appropriate cleaning of surfaces and doors etc before and after each service. There are a number of sanitiser points in the church and foyer.

It will be important to avoid congregating in the church and on entry and exit. At the end of the services, Martin will receive parishioners in the courtyard not in the foyer.

There will be NEW entry processes and requirements.

Entry will be by the courtyard door ONLY where there will be a sanitiser point which must be used as a condition of entry. Please maintain 1.5 metres distance while waiting to enter. Please move deliberately through the foyer where a sidesperson will note your attendance on a list for contact tracing purposes. If they do not recognise you, you may be asked for your name if you are in the church directory. If you are not in the church directory or you bring friends, you will be asked to provide your/their name and telephone contact.

Then take a service sheet from the table at the back of the church and proceed to a pew marked according to social distancing. You can expect to be moved along politely by sidespersons located just inside the courtyard door and at the glass doors and by the welcomer inside the church to avoid congestion.

In the unlikely event that the maximum of 65 attendees is reached, a notice will be placed on the courtyard door.

At the end of the service the courtyard door, the front door and the pulpit door can be used for exit.

There will be no resumption of breakfast or morning tea after the Sunday services at this point.

The Wardens and Parish Council
St Philip's O'Connor
24 June 2020


The 8am service continues to be livestreamed on St Philip's Facebook page and is then also available from our YouTube channel.


Please read the weekly pewsheet to keep up to date with our parish's resonse to Covid-19. The Keep Connected webpage of our Diocese has links to parishes recording services and resources from Bishop Mark and others.

For advice about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert, please read information from the Australian Department of Health and from A.C.T. Health.

Please continue to support St Philip's, even if you are not able to attend at present because of health precautions. Giving can be done via electronic funds transfer, or you can post a cheque.

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