The St Philip's Parish Council reviews and updates this advice regularly.

Please read the weekly pewsheet to keep up to date with our parish's response to Covid-19.

Public services of worship have returned to their normal times of 8am and 10am on Sundays and 10am on Thursdays. Letting our guard down on COVID-19 could compromise these services. This highly infectious virus has spread through some places of worship in Australia and overseas. As the national response evolves there will must be changes in the way we manage the situation and in this advice.

The church is cleaned weekly with extra attention to touch points. There is also appropriate cleaning of surfaces and doors, etc., before and after each service.

When not to come to church, please

Please do not attend services if you:

What are "hotspots"?

We rely on A.C.T Health's travel advice to identify Covid19 affected areas or "hotspots". The situations changes frequently.


We are delighted that we can meet together in worship. But services must operate in accordance with COVIDSAFE arrangements set down by government and the diocese. The changed arrangements differ from the way we have traditionally attended services. We ask for your patience and understanding. COVIDSAFE protects parishioners and the community. If you become unwell at church and suspect that you may have the virus, please report to the Rector or a warden immediately.


Entry is by the courtyard door ONLY, where there will be a sanitiser point which must be used as a condition of entry. Please maintain 1.5 metres distance while waiting to enter. Move deliberately through the foyer where a sidesperson will note your attendance for contact-tracing purposes. If they do not recognise you, you may be asked for your name. If you are not in the church directory or you bring friends, you will be asked to provide your/their name and telephone contact. You will also be asked whether you have been in a hotspot in the past 14 days.

You can expect to be moved along politely by sidespersons located just inside the courtyard door and at the glass doors and by the welcomer inside the church to avoid congestion.

Social distancing

Social distancing of 1.5 metres must be maintained inside the church at all times including on entry and exit.

There are green ticks displayed on the pews where you will should sit — 1.5 metres apart. Couples and family groups who live together are exempt from the 1.5 metre requirement but they must be 1.5 metres from others.

The church has a maximum COVIDSAFE capacity of 65. In the unlikely event that the maximum of 65 attendees is reached, a notice will be placed on the courtyard door.

There is now no children’s area at the back of the church. The greater distance between pews will allow children to have space to be with their parents for any activities.

Order of service

Take a service sheet from the table at the back of the church. You are asked to take it with you at the end of the service. No hymn or prayer books are being used.


Communion will be in only one form: bread.


There is a retiring collection bowl at the back of the church. The collection bag is not passed around. The EFTPOS machine with sanitiser wipes is on the foyer bench near the front door. Please wipe it down after use. Thank you!

If you are not able to attend at present because of health precautions, you can give via electronic funds transfer, or you can post a cheque. Click here for bank account details and the postal address.


At the end of the service, the courtyard door, the front door and the pulpit door may be used for exit. Please do not congregate in the church and at the exits. At the end of the services, Martin will receive parishioners in the courtyard, not in the foyer. Please maintain social distancing in the courtyard.

There is no breakfast or morning tea after the Sunday services at present.


The 8am service continues to be livestreamed on St Philip's Facebook page and is then also available from our YouTube channel.


For advice about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert, please read information from the Australian Department of Health and from A.C.T. Health.