The Lamerton Centre project

In 2010 the Parish decided to develop master plan for its site. A group was appointed to survey our facilities and needs. A concept plan for a building was presented to the 2012 AGM and a further group appointed to develop a detailed and costed plan. In May a special parish meeting approved the proposal in principle.

An application to incur debt was approved by the Diocesan Finance Committee and a Property Development Submission lodged with the Diocese. The Anglican Investment and Development Fund (AIDF) provided a loan facility.

A development application was approved by ACTPLA in March 2013, but required revision, which delayed the project. A separate 'building approval' ensured that the building complies with building laws, including the Building Code of Australia.

A special general meeting of the Parish on Sunday 24th March, gave final approval to complete the project and incur debt for the purpose—to a specified limit.

There was a lot of pre-work — some by the Parish and some by contractors. The main structure was installed with the aid of a large crane 16-18 July 2012. After installation, there was more work on the veranda deck and ramp, plumbing, electricals, fitout and concreting. The former Pandora's space was refitted as a storage unit. [Pictures: Roger Sharp]

Lamerton Centre Lamerton Centre
Lamerton Centre Lamerton Centre
Lamerton Centre Lamerton Centre

By October 2013 the main part of the building was well in use, but there remained much work to do!

Lamerton Centre

Moving the QE2

In April 2013, Ben and his team of SES (State Emergency Service, ACT) volunteers moved the massive laden shipping container, fondly known as the QE2 and formerly used for storage.

The container had to be moved to make way for the Centre. Later it was sold. The movement was a good training exercise and a huge effort. Thank you gentlemen!

The first tricky and slow part was to use jacks to get the QE2 off the ground, where it it had been since purchased in 2006. Then the move was on!

About the building

Lamerton Centre

The Lamerton Centre is a MOPOD prefabricated building, 11.5m x 6.4m, plus a covered veranda 9m x 3m, slightly larger than in these concept sketches.

St Philip's building projectSt Philip's building project
St Philip's building project

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602