Anglicare Sunday

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Reverend Rob Lamerton
16 May 2004, Easter 6

Rob gave a small comment on the day and the readings, and the conference he had been to in Dubbo last week. He then introduced Dimitri Markotsis to talk about Anglicare.

first there was the Brumbies game last night! John won two tickets so he took his old Dad with him…
It meant leaving the conference a little bit early; but without missing anything important! and then being with the crowd, especially with son John, was worth it!

The Conference: A Celebration of Ministry, was at Dubbo and addressed by Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada.

Bishop Katharine has been in Australia talking about resourcing ministry in small rural (and small urban) parishes without using stipended, ordained, ministry.

and a side note: in the USA parishes pay the stipend, but diocese pick up the medical insurance tab. $US17,000! (about $AUS20,000!)

even so, professional (paid) ministry is difficult to maintain.

the readings:

Jesus is about to depart and yet is still present…

(On Ascension Day, Thursday, we move the Paschal Cnadle to the font, but it stays lit.)

Jesus is present via the Holy Spirit to bring Peace and Wholeness to us and to the community via Anglicare.

Chris Cheah is passing around a book: "Miss Garnet's Angel" by Sally Vickers. (Highly recommended)

Miss Garnet is an English free thinking Marxist, now living in Venice. She discovers herself in a (very silent) service at St Mark's Basilica…

from page 34:

One of the silent furred ones was wearing wide-brimmed emerald hat. The woman was no younger than herself and Julia Garnett found she wanted just such a hat too. But surely this was not what the service was for? Designing a wardrobe!
Gently, like dripping honey, the quiet filled her pores, comforting as the dreamless sleeps she had fallen prey to. The angel over the inclining man gestured at the heavens; beneath him, another angel on the tomb looked with all-seeing, sightless eyes towards the angels on the holy-water stoup … I see an Innumerable company of the heavenly host crying, 'Holy, Holy, Holy!' … The silence was holy. What did 'holy' mean? Did it mean the chance to be whole again? But when had one ever been whole? Silently, silently the priest sat and in the nameless peace Julia Garnett sat too, thinking no thoughts.

Peace and Wholeness.

Anglicare has a task in bringing that to our communities.

Dimitri Markotsis talked about this work. He is living with the Celebration Community in Queanbeyan, at Mary's Place. (Refuge for men)

In speaking about Anglicare he used this information from the vision statement:

"Anglicare Canberra and Goulburn is comprised of three services:

Anglicare Youth and Family Services Telephone 02 4823 4000
Offers foster care, children's services, out of home care, youth services, emergency and supported accommodation, disability services, counselling and training.

Anglican Retirement Community Services Telephone 02 6255 2588
Provides high quality health, housing, care and lifestyle services to older people through nursing home, hostel, assisted living and self care units in the ACT, the South Coast and Goulburn.

Anglicare Community Services Telephone 02 6230 5113
A diverse network of locaI community and church based projects, including emergency relief, The Bargain Hunter and local opportunity shops, counselling, social support and health and and welfare chaplaincies."

also, having been a synod representative last year, Dimitri mentioned the change coming with the tri-diocesan agreement with Bathurst and Riverina. and consequent expansion in Anglicare.