Revd Jeannette McHugh

Revd Jeannette McHughThe Reverend Jeannette McHugh, BA, BTh, GradDipCommCounselling, OblSB, is an honorary Associate Priest at St Philip's; she previously ministered as a priest in rural areas of the Bathurst Diocese.

10th May 2020Fifth Sunday of EasterYear ADo not let your hearts be troubled
9th September 2018Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear BJesus and the Syrophonoecian Woman
24th June 2018Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear BQuantum Universe
28th January 2018Fourth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BWhat to do with food dedicated to idols
8th October 2017Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostYear AIn Perpetual Spring
10th April 2016Third Sunday of EasterYear CChrist, Resurrection, Grace: The Gospel of Paul
27th December 2015First Sunday after ChristmasYear CA New Hope
28th June 2015Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear BThe Celtic Way of Evangelism - Part 2
21st June 2015Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear BThe Celtic Way of Evangelism
22nd February 2015First Sunday in LentYear BLent
15th February 2015Transfiguration SundayYear BThe Transfiguration of our Lord
20 May 2012Seventh Sunday of EasterYear BEternal life
17 January 2010Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CJesus at a wedding
28 December 2008First Sunday after ChristmasYear BTwo old people
21 March 2008Good FridayYear APry me off dead centre
20 January 2008Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AWrestle with questions of faith
2 September 2007Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CSt Columba: part 2
10 June 2007Pentecost 2Year CSt Columba
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CGood Friday reflection
25 March 2007Fifth Sunday in LentYear CIona sacred island of pilgrimage
10 September 2006Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear BWalking in the light of God
8 January 2006First Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BEpiphany
2 January 2005Second Sunday after ChristmasYear ATwo faithful old folk
4 July 2004Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear CBrave and free
4 January 2004Second Sunday after ChristmasYear CEpiphany
7 December 2003Second Sunday of AdventYear CIt's Time