Revd Linda Anchell

Revd Linda AnchellThe Reverend Linda Anchell, BA(Hons), DipEd, BTh, was an honorary deacon at St Philip's until her death in 2019.

16th February 2014Sixth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear A"But I say to you …"
5th February 2014Jean May Pound, 1920-2014
22nd December 2013Fourth Sunday of AdventYear AShattered
04 August 2013Pentecost 11Year CA Sermon for Deacon Sunday
24 February 2013Lent 2Year CA darkness
25 March 2012Lent 5Year BAnd I, when I am lifted up
11 December 2011Advent 3Year BWhere are the prophets?
26 June 2011Pentecost 2Year AAkedah: the Binding of Isaac and story
15 May 2011Easter 4Year AGood Shepherd Sunday
2 January 2011Christmas 2Year AThe Epiphany: all are included
1 August 2010Pentecost 10Year CSt Stephen: Deacon Sunday
30 November 2008Advent 1Year BAdvent Sunday
27 July 2008Pentecost 11Year ATreasure
21 March 2008Good FridayYear AChristmas and easter are close
6 January 2008EpiphanyYear AEpiphany
30 September 2007Pentecost 18Year CCreation Sunday
3 June 2007TrinityYear CWhat are we?
20 May 2007Easter 7Year CEssential unity
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CGood Friday reflection
1 April 2007Lent 6Year CPalms … folded into crosses
24 December 2006Advent 4Year CGod gazes at us
20 August 2006Pentecost 11Year BTurn on the light
2 July 2006Pentecost 4Year BUnclean!
27 November 2005Advent 1Year BHow will it all end?
25 March 2005Good FridayYear AReflection on John 13.21-32
20 March 2005Lent 6Year AHe did not answer
5 December 2004Advent 2Year AThe tasks before us
11 July 2004Pentecost 5Year CMeasurement
21 December 2003Advent 4Year CBe the change you wish to see
10 August 2003Pentecost 9Year BDe Profondis
26 August 2001Refugee SundayYear CCan we walk with the refugee?
25 March 2001Lent 4Year CThe hour of banquet and song.

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