Revd Rob Lamerton

Revd Rob LamertonThe Reverend Rob Lamerton, ThL, was Rector of St Philip's from 1999 until his death in 2008.

8 June 2008Pentecost 4Year AGod's openness to all people
1 June 2008Pentecost 3Year APrayer demands action
27 April 2008Easter 6Year AAscension
30 March 2008Easter 2Year AIs the glass half full or half empty?
23 March 2008EasterYear AEaster
9 March 2008Lent 5Year A2007: a quick review
17 February 2008Lent 2Year AHome Groups
10 February 2008Lent 1Year ATemptations
3 February 2008TransfigurationYear ASeeing each other in a new light
13 January 2008Epiphany 1Year AThe Baptism of Jesus
30 December 2007Christmas 1Year AJesus, Lord and King from his birth
9 December 2007Advent 2Year APrepare the Way
2 December 2007Advent 1Year AAdvent
4 November 2007Pentecost 24Year CAll Saints
28 October 2007Pentecost 22Year CReceiving the grace of eternal life
21 October 2007Pentecost 21Year CGiving
14 October 2007Pentecost 20Year CThe place where we are
7 October 2007Pentecost 19Year CFaith and faithfulness
23 September 2007Pentecost 17Year CLearning to pray? Just do it
16 September 2007Pentecost 16Year CSynod report 2007
26 August 2007Pentecost 13Year CWe begin where we are
12 August 2007Pentecost 11Year CWhat is our treasure?
5 August 2007Pentecost 10Year CThe best things in life are not free
15 July 2007Pentecost 7Year CTo be a neighbour
8 July 2007Pentecost 6Year CGod works in the bafflingly simple
1 July 2007Pentecost 5Year CNot looking back
24 June 2007Pentecost 4Year CThe man with many demons
17 June 2007Pentecost 3Year CForgiveness
27 May 2007PentecostYear CWhat it costs to keep this family
29 April 2007Easter 4Year CHow are we of value to the local community?
22 April 2007Easter 3Year CA week for terrible events
15 April 2007Easter 2Year CBelieve that you may have life
8 April 2007EasterYear CGod gives life!
18 March 2007Lent 4Year CThe prodigal son
11 March 2007Lent 3Year CJesus' mission journey
4 March 2007Lent 2Year CThorpey
25 February 2007Lent 1Year CRectors' AGM Report
21 February 2007Ash WednesdayYear CAsh Wednesday
18 February 2007Last Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CAn epiphany of God's glory
11 February 2007Epiphany 6Year CJesus on a level place
4 February 2007Epiphany 5Year CThe call of God
28 January 2007Epiphany 4Year CBeyond the boundaries
21 January 2007Epiphany 3Year CMinistries of care
14 January 2007Epiphany 2Year CJesus, the cause of great celebration
23 April 2006Easter 2Year BThere is no substitute for telling our own story
16 April 2006EasterYear BHe is Risen indeed! Alleluia!
2 April 2006Lent 5Year BThe Greeks did not get an answer!
26 March 2006Lent 4Year BGod so loved the world
19 March 2006Lent 3Year BJesus cleanses the temple
12 March 2006Lent 2Year BGod gives life against the odds
5 March 2006Lent 1Year BThe Covenant
26 February 2006TransfigurationYear BGod's glory in Jesus
19 February 2006Epiphany 7Year BHealing and forgiveness
12 February 2006Epiphany 6Year BJesus cleanses the leper
29 January 2006Epiphany 4Year BJesus heals and preaches with authority
22 January 2006Epiphany 3Year BAnniversaries
1 January 2006The naming and circumcision of the LordYear BBaptism
25 December 2005ChristmasYear BThe potential to be Christ-like
18 December 2005Advent 4Year BBlessed and fragile
11 December 2005Advent 3Year BThe message of joy has a hard edge
20 November 2005Christ the KingYear AChrist's rulership
6 November 2005Pentecost 25Year AThe bridegroom comes
30 October 2005All SaintsYear AWhat I'm looking for
23 October 2005Pentecost 23Year AWhat do you think of the Messiah?
9 October 2005Pentecost 21Year AThe wedding banquet
2 October 2005Pentecost 20Year AThe fruit of the vineyard
4 September 2005Pentecost 16Year ARelationships in the community of faith
7 August 2005Pentecost 12Year AWe either try too hard, or we sit in the boat
31 July 2005Pentecost 11Year AYou give them something to eat!
24 July 2005Pentecost 10Year ADrought
17 July 2005Pentecost 9Year AWheat and weeds growing together
10 July 2005Pentecost 8Year AWords, words, words!
3 July 2005Pentecost 7Year AJesus carries the burden
26 June 2005Pentecost 6Year AWhat goes around comes around
19 June 2005Pentecost 5Year ALetting go
12 June 2005Pentecost 4Year AHard graft
5 June 2005Pentecost 3Year AAbram's journey
15 May 2005PentecostYear AThe mission of the church and the ministry of the people
8 May 2005Easter 7Year AThe Kingdom of Heaven - resurrection and ascension
1 May 2005Easter 6Year ASt Philip and St James
24 April 2005Easter 5Year AThe Risen Christ in the midst of the world
17 April 2005Easter 4Year AJesus, the gate for the sheep
10 April 2005Easter 3Year AEmmaus
3 April 2005Easter 2Year AWe have seen the Lord!
27 March 2005EasterYear ABelieve, share, rejoice, worship
13 March 2005Lent 5Year AAs good as dead, but alive!
6 March 2005Lent 4Year ARector's report 2004
27 February 2005Lent 3Year AHardness of heart
6 February 2005TransfigurationYear AFace to face with Jesus
30 January 2005Epiphany 3Year AOur poverty
23 January 2005Epiphany 3Year AThe Light for the Nations
25 December 2004ChristmasYear AChristmas
28 November 2004Advent 1Year AReadiness for new beginnings
14 November 2004Pentecost 24Year CWhat is it you hope for?
7 November 2004Pentecost 23Year CGod is the God of the living
31 October 2004All SaintsYear CA confident celebration
24 October 2004Pentecost 21Year CBe like children
17 October 2004Pentecost 20Year CCreating relevance
10 October 2004Pentecost 19Year CLeprosy healed
3 October 2004Pentecost 18Year CThe assurance of things hoped for
26 September 2004Pentecost 17Year CInvest in life
12 September 2004Pentecost 15Year CChrist Jesus came into the world to save sinners
5 September 2004Pentecost 14Year CFacing up to our real selves
29 August 2004Pentecost 13Year CHumility
22 August 2004Pentecost 12Year CThe synagogue worship
8 August 2004Pentecost 10Year CHiroshima and the horrors of destruction
1 August 2004Pentecost 9Year CPossessing munch but lacking everything
25 July 2004Pentecost 7Year COur prayers are indeed answered
18 July 2004Pentecost 7Year CBeing with Jesus
27 June 2004Pentecost 4Year CFriendship, family and frustration
20 June 2004Pentecost 3Year CWhat are you doing here?
13 June 2004Pentecost 2Year CThe post-Pentecost journey
6 June 2004TrinityYear CD-Day and the divine mystery of God
23 May 2004Easter 7Year CThe healing of a slave girl
16 May 2004Easter 6Year CAnglicare Sunday
9 May 2004Easter 5Year CJesus doesn't play golf
2 May 2004Easter 4Year CSaint Philip, apostle and martyr
18 April 2004Easter 2Year CReassurance in doubt
11 April 2004EasterYear CThe Lord is Risen! What does it all mean?
4 April 2004Lent 6Year CEaster
21 March 2004Lent 4Year CReconciliation
14 March 2004Lent 3Year CToo much stuff
7 March 2004Lent 2Year CDiscover God's light in unusual places
29 February 2004Lent 1Year CAnnual General Meeting report 2004
15 February 2004Epiphany 5Year CJesus on a level place
8 February 2004Epiphany 4Year CCouldn't God find someone else?
1 February 2004Epiphany 3Year CJesus' policy speech
25 January 2004Epiphany 3Year CAustralia Day: challenges to a free and open society
18 January 2004Epiphany 2Year CWater into wine
28 December 2003Christmas 1Year CThe twelve days of Christmas
25 December 2003ChristmasYear CChristmas
24 December 2003Christmas EveYear CChristmas Eve
30 November 2003Advent 1Year CHope
16 November 2003Pentecost 23Year BOur work must serve the mission
9 November 2003Pentecost 22Year BRuth's commitment
2 November 2003All SaintsYear BThe saints' life with God
26 October 2003Pentecost 20Year BOur place before God as community
19 October 2003Pentecost 19Year BGreatness is in service
24 August 2003Pentecost 11Year BThe armour of God
17 August 2003Pentecost 10Year BThe life of heaven in our midst
3 August 2003Pentecost 8Year BA welcoming and safe place

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