Revd Rebecca Newland

Revd Rebecca NewlandThe Reverend Rebecca Newland, MMin, BTh, was Rector of St Philip's from December 2009 until August 2015. She also ministered at St Philip's for most of the year 2006.

9th December 2020Funeral of Roger SharpDo not be Afraid
9th August 2015Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear BSt Philip's Farewell Sermon
25th January 2015Third Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BOur first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God
11th January 2015First Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BThree realms of the Spirit
4th January 2015The Epiphany of Our LordYear BThe Light at the heart of everything
21st December 2014Fourth Sunday of AdventYear BSay "Yes" to Jesus
7th December 2014Second Sunday of AdventYear BMake his paths straight
28th September 2014Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear AGod is a God of Abundance
24th August 2014Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear AYou are Peter
10th August 2014Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear ALamentation Sunday
27th July 2014Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear ANothing can separate us from God's love
20th July 2014Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear AThe grace of doing nothing
13th July 2014Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear AThe Sower
22nd June 2014Second Sunday after PentecostYear AJesus' subversive message
15th June 2014Trinity SundayYear AKnowledge and love of the triune God
18th May 2014Fifth Sunday of EasterYear AThe way of Jesus
20th April 2014Easter DayYear AHe is risen indeed! Alleluiah!
17th April 2014Maundy ThursdayYear ALoving as Jesus loves
6th April 2014Fifth Sunday in LentYear AOut of the depths … Lenten series on prayer; 5
30th March 2014Fourth Sunday in LentYear AShine as a light in the world … Lenten series on prayer; 4
23rd March 2014Third Sunday in LentYear AGet close to Jesus and discover the truth … Lenten series on prayer; 3
16th March 2014Second Sunday in LentYear AWhen you pray let go and start from nowhere … Lenten series on prayer; 2
9th March 2014First Sunday in LentYear AThe first prayer: O Lord have mercy … Lenten series on prayer; 1
5th March 2014Ash WednesdayYear ACome back to Centre
2nd March 2014Last Sunday after the Epiphany: TransfigurationYear AThis is my Son, the Beloved
23rd February 2014Seventh Sunday after the EpiphanyRector's annual report 2014
19th January 2014Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AJesus invites us into a relationship where he becomes known
12th January 2014The Baptism of Our LordYear AJustice in service
5th January 2014The Epiphany of Our LordYear AGod's answer to our tribalism
25th December 2013Christmas DayYear ACome to God
23rd November 2013Homily for a Baptism and confirmation
3rd November 2013All Saints SundayYear CWhat makes a saint?
13th October 2013Pentecost 21Year CLove that springs from gratitude
12th October 2013Tim and Mel's wedding
15th September 2013Pentecost 17Year COur very strange God
1st September 2013Pentecost 15Year CJesus' party
25 August 2013Pentecost 14Year CSabbath
28 July 2013Mary MagdaleneYear CMary Magdalene
4 July 2013Barbara Matthews 1925-2013
30 June 2013Peter and Paul, Apostles and MartyrsYear CSt Peter and St Paul
25 June 2013Val Reeves 1933-2013
23 June 2013Pentecost 5Year CAn uncomfortable story
16 June 2013Pentecost 4Year CThe Centre forgives
2 June 2013Pentecost 2Year CUnity in diversity
19 May 2013PentecostYear CPentecost
12 May 2013Easter 7Year CBe one as God is one
14 April 2013Easter 3Year CJesus is the way; follow him to fullness of life
10 February 2013TransfigurationYear CShine as a Light
27 January 2013Epiphany 3Year CThe Church is a new vision: unity in diversity
6 January 2013EpiphanyYear CThe Epiphany of Christ moment by moment
30 December 2012Christmas 1Year CHoly and beloved
25 December 2012ChristmasYear COur longing is over
2 December 2012Advent 1Year CWhen apocalyptic confronts us stand up and embrace hope
18 November 2012Pentecost 25Year BThe Psalms
11 November 2012Pentecost 24Year BHave faith and trust that your giving will be blessed
23 September 2012Pentecost 17Year BOur words create: take care
9 September 2012Pentecost 15Year BGod is on the side of the poor and so should we be
19 August 2012Pentecost 12Year BWisdom and the heart for hospitality
22 July 2012Pentecost 8Year BCome and See
24 June 2012Pentecost 4Year BWe are not in control
17 June 2012Pentecost 3Year BWhen we abide in Christ we flourish
10 June 2012Pentecost 2Year BThere is the lie but we live in the truth
3 June 2012TrinityYear BKnowing God by loving God
13 May 2012Easter 6Year BGod's salvation is love
6 May 2012Easter 5Year BThe Good Shepherd
22 April 2012Easter 3Year BResurrection and reconciliation
15 April 2012Easter 2Year BResurrection in the life of the believer
8 April 2012EasterYear BEaster Day: we are Easter people
6 April 2012Good FridayYear BGood Friday: non-violence
5 April 2012Maundy ThursdayYear BMaundy Thursday
26 February 2012Lent 1Year BPerseverance: an introduction to Lent — essay by Kym Harris OSB.
19 February 2012TransfigurationYear BWalking in the light
12 February 2012Epiphany 6Year BHealing and faith
5 February 2012Epiphany 5Year BGrowing in Christ-like love
29 January 2012Epiphany 4Year BJesus Christ has true authority
22 January 2012Epiphany 3Year BOur first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God
15 January 2012Epiphany 2Year BJesus invites us into a relationship where he becomes known
8 January 2012Epiphany 1Year BWater and the Holy Spirit: three realms of the Spirit
1 January 2012Christmas 1Year BJesus is the light of all people
25 December 2011ChristmasYear BLook for the light
4 December 2011Advent 2Year BMaking a highway in the wilderness
27 November 2011Advent 1Year BPrepare for the beginning: stay awake
20 November 2011Christ the KingYear AChrist the King & Ability
13 November 2011Pentecost 22Year ADeborah and Rael
2 October 2011Pentecost 16Year AIn a world of violence Jesus is the unexpected cornerstone
25 September 2011Pentecost 15Year AMission: Romans 12
18 September 2011Pentecost 14Year AMission: Romans 10
21 August 2011 8amPentecost 10Year AA new name
17 July 2011Pentecost 5Year ABe patient gardeners
10 July 2011Pentecost 4Year ANurture the seed
3 July 2011Pentecost 3Year ASurrender to the yolk
19 June 2011TrinityYear AA wondrous doctrine
5 June 2011Easter 7Year APentecost
1 May 2011Easter 2Year AHe is Risen indeed! Alleluia!
24 April 2011EasterYear AJesus Christ is risen! Easter
21 April 2011Maundy ThursdayYear AMaundy Thursday
10 April 2011Lent 5Year AWho is Christ for you?
27 March 2011Lent 3Year AGo to the well
20 March 2011Lent 2Year AStart from nowhere
13 March 2011Lent 1Year AA relationship fractured by disobedience
20 February 2011Epiphany 6Year AGet out of the way
13 February 2011Epiphany 5Year AIt's about the relationship
6 February 2011Epiphany 4Year ACourage and Continuity
30 January 2011Epiphany 3Year AThe Manifesto of the King
9 January 2011Epiphany 1Year AOur identity is in Christ Jesus
25 December 2010ChristmasYear AIn Jesus we know God and are known by Him?
19 December 2010Advent 4Year AThe Music of God
12 December 2010Advent 3Year AHe comes to us where we are
5 December 2010Advent 2Year AGod's judgement shines a light
28 November 2010Advent 1Year AFrom darkness to light
23 September 2010Funeral of Ann Williams
29 August 2010Day of Prayer for RefugeesYear CDay of Prayer for Refugees
25 April 2010ANZAC DayYear CANZAC Day
18 April 2010Easter 3Year CGod revealed
11 April 2010Year CThe resurrection of Christ
10 April 2010Funeral of Rose Anchell
4 April 2010EasterYear CSo what? It changes everything
28 March 2010Palm SundayYear CThe crucifixion reveals our own violence
14 March 2010Lent 4Year CWe are entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation
28 February 2010Lent 2Year CThe Cross is the key
21 February 2010Lent 1Year CThis Lent, let's be human
14 February 2010TransfigurationYear CChoose your direction of change
7 February 2010Year CAnd the bait is…?
31 January 2010Epiphany 3Year CLove is the way
24 January 2010Epiphany 3Year CThe Church is a new vision = unity in diversity
3 January 2010Christmas 2Year CWho is Jesus?
13 December 2009Advent 3Year CDo not fear the judgment — Rejoice!!
6 December 2009Advent 2Year CPrepare the way of the Lord
2 January 2007Baptism of our LordYear CThe new year needs the Holy Spirit and prayer
25 December 2006ChristmasYear CChristmas is for adults
3 December 2006Advent 1Year CWhen apocalyptic confronts us, stand up and embrace hope
26 November 2006Christ the KingYear BDo what ever he tells you and let the Kingdom come
19 November 2006Pentecost 24Year BInvite others to "Come and See" our hope
12 November 2006Pentecost 23Year BHave faith and trust that your giving will be blessed.
29 October 2006Pentecost 21Year BWe are blind and we need healing
22 October 2006Pentecost 20Year BBe in awe and wonder as we love and serve creation.
15 October 2006Pentecost 19Year BGot questions? There is a story
24 September 2006Pentecost 16Year BOur words create; take care
17 September 2006Pentecost 15Year BTake up the cross and be free.
3 September 2006Pentecost 13Year BLet the Word go to your heart
27 August 2006Pentecost 12Year BJesus has the words of eternal life; stand firm
6 August 2006Pentecost 9Year BOur moments of truth
23 July 2006Pentecost 7Year BIn Jesus Christ there are no walls
16 July 2006Pentecost 6Year BPut God first, second and third
9 July 2006Pentecost 5Year BFailure
18 June 2006Pentecost 2Year BThe Kingdom of God is surprising
11 June 2006TrinityYear BLove as the Trinity dances
4 June 2006PentecostYear BOpen your heart to the Spirit of God
28 May 2006Easter 7Year BBe one as God is one
21 May 2006Easter 6Year BLove as Jesus commands
14 May 2006Easter 5Year BAbide in Jesus and bear fruit
7 May 2006Easter 4Year BLook around and God will show you the way
30 April 2006Easter 3Year BKnow Jesus
9 April 2006Lent 6Year BGod knows
13 November 2005Pentecost 26Year AUse your gifts without fear
14 August 2005Mary, the Mother of Our LordYear AWe matter and how we respond matters
23 November 2003Christ the KingYear BJesus as Lord is the way to freedom

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602