Revd Dr Ray Williamson

Revd Dr Ray WilliamsonThe Reverend Dr Ray Williamson, ThL, MA, PhD, OAM, was Honorary Associate Priest at the Parish of Holy Cross Hackett. Ray served for many years as the General Secretary of the NSW Ecumenical Council and as the Executive Secretary of the Faith and Unity Commission of the National Council of Churches in Australia. He was Acting Rector of St Philip's in 2008-2009

17th April 2016Fourth Sunday in EasterYear CShepherds
31 July 2011Pentecost 7Year AGive them something to eat yourselves.
29 November 2009Advent 1Year CWords of hope and expectancy: farewell sermon
16 August 2009Pentecost 11Year BAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 3
9 August 2009Pentecost 10Year BAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 2
2 August 2009Pentecost 9Year BAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 1
7 June 2009TrinityYear BThe mystery of God
31 May 2009PentecostYear BPentecost in action
10 May 2009Easter 5Year BLiving in faith and love
26 April 2009Easter 3Year BMinds opened to understand
15 March 2009Lent 3Year BWhere anger and courage meet
8 March 2009Lent 2Year BLosing our life to gain it
1 March 2009Lent 1Year BThe journey of discipleship
22 February 2009TransfigurationYear BTransfiguration
17 February 2009Rector's 2008 Report
15 February 2009Epiphany 5Year BTouch the world with life
8 February 2009Epiphany 4Year BHave you not known? Have you not heard?
25 January 2009Epiphany 3Year BJonah and empire
11 January 2009Epiphany 1Year BBaptism of Jesus
4 January 2009Christmas 2Year BEpiphany
9 November 2008Pentecost 26Year AExpectations! Being ready!
2 November 2008All SaintsYear AA community of faith and commitment
19 October 2008Pentecost 23Year ALife that transcends death
12 October 2008Pentecost 22Year AWe're invited to a feast
5 October 2008Pentecost 21Year AThe fruitless vineyard
28 September 2008Pentecost 20Year AJesus' response to his critics
7 September 2008Pentecost 17Year AA merciful, inclusive community

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