6 March 2005Lent 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonRector's report 2004
25 December 2004ChristmasYear ARevd Rob LamertonChristmas
12 December 2004Advent 3Year AChris CheahA flower in the desert
5 December 2004Advent 2Year ARevd Linda AnchellThe tasks before us
28 November 2004Advent 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonReadiness for new beginnings
14 November 2004Pentecost 24Year CRevd Rob LamertonWhat is it you hope for?
7 November 2004Pentecost 23Year CRevd Rob LamertonGod is the God of the living
31 October 2004All SaintsYear CRevd Rob LamertonA confident celebration
24 October 2004Pentecost 21Year CRevd Rob LamertonBe like children
17 October 2004Pentecost 20Year CRevd Rob LamertonCreating relevance
10 October 2004Pentecost 19Year CRevd Rob LamertonLeprosy healed
3 October 2004Pentecost 18Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe assurance of things hoped for
26 September 2004Pentecost 17Year CRevd Rob LamertonInvest in life
12 September 2004Pentecost 15Year CRevd Rob LamertonChrist Jesus came into the world to save sinners
5 September 2004Pentecost 14Year CRevd Rob LamertonFacing up to our real selves
29 August 2004Pentecost 13Year CRevd Rob LamertonHumility
22 August 2004Pentecost 12Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe synagogue worship
8 August 2004Pentecost 10Year CRevd Rob LamertonHiroshima and the horrors of destruction
1 August 2004Pentecost 9Year CRevd Rob LamertonPossessing munch but lacking everything
25 July 2004Pentecost 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonOur prayers are indeed answered
18 July 2004Pentecost 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonBeing with Jesus
11 July 2004Pentecost 5Year CRevd Linda AnchellMeasurement
4 July 2004Pentecost 5Year CRevd Jeannette McHughBrave and free
27 June 2004Pentecost 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonFriendship, family and frustration
20 June 2004Pentecost 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonWhat are you doing here?
13 June 2004Pentecost 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe post-Pentecost journey
6 June 2004TrinityYear CRevd Rob LamertonD-Day and the divine mystery of God
30 May 2004PentecostYear CChris CheahAir and fire
23 May 2004Easter 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe healing of a slave girl
16 May 2004Easter 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonAnglicare Sunday
9 May 2004Easter 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus doesn't play golf
2 May 2004Easter 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonSaint Philip, apostle and martyr
25 April 2004Easter 3Year CChris CheahResurrection resonances
18 April 2004Easter 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonReassurance in doubt
11 April 2004EasterYear CRevd Rob LamertonThe Lord is Risen! What does it all mean?
4 April 2004Lent 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonEaster
28 March 2004Lent 5Year CKen BatterhamOffering ourselves
21 March 2004Lent 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonReconciliation
14 March 2004Lent 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonToo much stuff
7 March 2004Lent 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonDiscover God's light in unusual places
29 February 2004Lent 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonAnnual General Meeting report 2004
22 February 2004TransfigurationYear CChris CheahJudging and measuring
15 February 2004Epiphany 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus on a level place
8 February 2004Epiphany 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonCouldn't God find someone else?
1 February 2004Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus' policy speech
25 January 2004Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonAustralia Day: challenges to a free and open society
18 January 2004Epiphany 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonWater into wine
4 January 2004Christmas 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughEpiphany

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