25 December 2005ChristmasYear BRevd Rob LamertonThe potential to be Christ-like
18 December 2005Advent 4Year BRevd Rob LamertonBlessed and fragile
11 December 2005Advent 3Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe message of joy has a hard edge
4 December 2005Advent 2Year BChris CheahRepentance and salvation
27 November 2005Advent 1Year BRevd Linda AnchellHow will it all end?
20 November 2005Christ the KingYear ARevd Rob LamertonChrist's rulership
13 November 2005Pentecost 26Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandUse your gifts without fear
6 November 2005Pentecost 25Year ABrian McKinlayGunpowder, treason and plot
6 November 2005Pentecost 25Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe bridegroom comes
30 October 2005All SaintsYear ARevd Rob LamertonWhat I'm looking for
23 October 2005Pentecost 23Year ARevd Rob LamertonWhat do you think of the Messiah?
9 October 2005Pentecost 21Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe wedding banquet
2 October 2005Pentecost 20Year ABrian McKinlayThe power of greeting
2 October 2005Pentecost 20Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe fruit of the vineyard
25 September 2005Pentecost 19Year AStephen PalethorpeChristians, water and petrol
11 September 2005Pentecost 17Year ARevd Doug BannermanForgiveness
4 September 2005Pentecost 16Year ABrian McKinlayGod's love poem
4 September 2005Pentecost 16Year ARevd Rob LamertonRelationships in the community of faith
28 August 2005Pentecost 15Year AWarwick BrainThe Bible Society
21 August 2005Pentecost 14Year AChris CheahWho do you say that I am?
14 August 2005Mary, the Mother of Our LordYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandWe matter and how we respond matters
7 August 2005Pentecost 12Year ABrian McKinlayPrayer for healing
7 August 2005Pentecost 12Year ARevd Rob LamertonWe either try too hard, or we sit in the boat
31 July 2005Pentecost 11Year ARevd Rob LamertonYou give them something to eat!
24 July 2005Pentecost 10Year ARevd Rob LamertonDrought
17 July 2005Pentecost 9Year ARevd Rob LamertonWheat and weeds growing together
10 July 2005Pentecost 8Year ARevd Rob LamertonWords, words, words!
3 July 2005Pentecost 7Year ABrian McKinlayFreedom and the pillar of fire
3 July 2005Pentecost 7Year ARevd Rob LamertonJesus carries the burden
26 June 2005Pentecost 6Year ARevd Rob LamertonWhat goes around comes around
19 June 2005Pentecost 5Year ARevd Rob LamertonLetting go
12 June 2005Pentecost 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonHard graft
5 June 2005Pentecost 3Year ABrian McKinlayConfidence in Christ
5 June 2005Pentecost 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonAbram's journey
29 May 2005Pentecost 2Year AChris CheahRefuges and Foundations
22 May 2005TrinityYear AIan MarshallThe Trinity
15 May 2005PentecostYear ARevd Rob LamertonThe mission of the church and the ministry of the people
8 May 2005Easter 7Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Kingdom of Heaven - resurrection and ascension
1 May 2005Easter 6Year ARevd Rob LamertonSt Philip and St James
24 April 2005Easter 5Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Risen Christ in the midst of the world
17 April 2005Easter 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonJesus, the gate for the sheep
10 April 2005Easter 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonEmmaus
3 April 2005Easter 2Year ARevd Rob LamertonWe have seen the Lord!
27 March 2005EasterYear ARevd Rob LamertonBelieve, share, rejoice, worship
25 March 2005Good FridayYear AChris CheahReflection on John 13.1-17,31
25 March 2005Good FridayYear ARevd Linda AnchellReflection on John 13.21-32
20 March 2005Lent 6Year ARevd Linda AnchellHe did not answer
13 March 2005Lent 5Year ARevd Rob LamertonAs good as dead, but alive!
6 March 2005Lent 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonRector's report 2004
27 February 2005Lent 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonHardness of heart
20 February 2005Lent 2Year ASarah GowtyConfidence in Christ
13 February 2005Lent 1Year AChris CheahDesert walking
6 February 2005TransfigurationYear ARevd Rob LamertonFace to face with Jesus
30 January 2005Epiphany 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonOur poverty
23 January 2005Epiphany 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Light for the Nations
16 January 2005Epiphany 2Year AChris CheahWhat are you looking for?
9 January 2005Epiphany 1Year ARevd Ian ChaplinA voice from heaven
2 January 2005Christmas 2Year ARevd Jeannette McHughThe presentation of Jesus in the Temple

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