9 March 2008Lent 5Year ARevd Rob Lamerton2007: a quick review
30 December 2007Christmas 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonJesus, Lord and King from his birth
23 December 2007Advent 4Year AChris CheahJoseph's Kairos Encounter
16 December 2007Advent 3Year ASarah GowtyMary's joy
9 December 2007Advent 2Year ARevd Rob LamertonPrepare the Way
2 December 2007Advent 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonAdvent
25 November 2007Christ the KingYear CBrian McKinlayOf cabbages and kings
4 November 2007Pentecost 24Year CRevd Rob LamertonAll Saints
28 October 2007Pentecost 22Year CRevd Rob LamertonReceiving the grace of eternal life
21 October 2007Pentecost 21Year CRevd Rob LamertonGiving
14 October 2007Pentecost 20Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe place where we are
7 October 2007Pentecost 19Year CRevd Rob LamertonFaith and faithfulness
30 September 2007Pentecost 18Year CRevd Linda AnchellCreation Sunday
23 September 2007Pentecost 17Year CRevd Rob LamertonLearning to pray? Just do it
16 September 2007Pentecost 16Year CRevd Rob LamertonSynod report 2007
9 September 2007Pentecost 15Year CRevd Doug BannermanCalled to be potters
2 September 2007Pentecost 14Year CRevd Jeannette McHughSt Columba: part 2
26 August 2007Pentecost 13Year CRevd Rob LamertonWe begin where we are
19 August 2007Pentecost 12Year CBrian McKinlayOur journey to the heavenly city
12 August 2007Pentecost 11Year CRevd Rob LamertonWhat is our treasure?
5 August 2007Pentecost 10Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe best things in life are not free
29 July 2007Pentecost 9Year CChris CheahPersistence in prayer
15 July 2007Pentecost 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonTo be a neighbour
8 July 2007Pentecost 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonGod works in the bafflingly simple
1 July 2007Pentecost 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonNot looking back
24 June 2007Pentecost 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe man with many demons
17 June 2007Pentecost 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonForgiveness
10 June 2007Pentecost 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughSt Columba
3 June 2007TrinityYear CRevd Linda AnchellWhat are we?
27 May 2007PentecostYear CRevd Rob LamertonWhat it costs to keep this family
20 May 2007Easter 7Year CRevd Linda AnchellEssential unity
13 May 2007Easter 6Year CBrian McKinlayWe have heard from God. Have we obeyed?
6 May 2007Easter 5Year CRevd Robert WillsonSt Philip's fiftieth anniversary
29 April 2007Easter 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonHow are we of value to the local community?
22 April 2007Easter 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonA week for terrible events
15 April 2007Easter 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonBelieve that you may have life
8 April 2007EasterYear CRevd Rob LamertonGod gives life!
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CRevd Linda AnchellGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CBrian McKinlayGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CStephen BillettGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CRevd Jeannette McHughGood Friday reflection
1 April 2007Lent 6Year CRevd Linda AnchellPalms … folded into crosses
25 March 2007Lent 5Year CRevd Jeannette McHughIona sacred island of pilgrimage
18 March 2007Lent 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe prodigal son
11 March 2007Lent 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus' mission journey
4 March 2007Lent 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonThorpey
25 February 2007Lent 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonRectors' AGM Report
21 February 2007Ash WednesdayYear CRevd Rob LamertonAsh Wednesday
18 February 2007Last Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CRevd Rob LamertonAn epiphany of God's glory
11 February 2007Epiphany 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus on a level place
4 February 2007Epiphany 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe call of God
28 January 2007Epiphany 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonBeyond the boundaries
21 January 2007Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonMinistries of care
14 January 2007Epiphany 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus, the cause of great celebration
2 January 2007Baptism of our LordYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe new year needs the Holy Spirit and prayer

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