13 December 2009Advent 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandDo not fear the judgment — Rejoice!!
6 December 2009Advent 2Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandPrepare the way of the Lord
6 December 2009Advent 2Year CChris CheahZacharias' Story
29 November 2009Advent 1Year CRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonWords of hope and expectancy: farewell sermon
27 October 2009Year BBrian McKinlay with Kerry-Anne CousinsSynod Report 2009
16 August 2009Pentecost 11Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 3
9 August 2009Pentecost 10Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 2
2 August 2009Pentecost 9Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 1
7 June 2009TrinityYear BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonThe mystery of God
31 May 2009PentecostYear BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonPentecost in action
10 May 2009Easter 5Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonLiving in faith and love
26 April 2009Easter 3Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonMinds opened to understand
15 March 2009Lent 3Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonWhere anger and courage meet
8 March 2009Lent 2Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonLosing our life to gain it
1 March 2009Lent 1Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonThe journey of discipleship
22 February 2009TransfigurationYear BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonTransfiguration
17 February 2009Revd Dr Ray WilliamsonRector's 2008 Report
15 February 2009Epiphany 5Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonTouch the world with life
8 February 2009Epiphany 4Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonHave you not known? Have you not heard?
25 January 2009Epiphany 3Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonJonah and empire
11 January 2009Epiphany 1Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonBaptism of Jesus
4 January 2009Christmas 2Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonEpiphany

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