2001 to 2021

13th June 2021Third Sunday after Pentecost 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonBirds of a Feather
6th June 2021Second Sunday after Pentecost 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellBinding the Strong Man
30th May 2021Trinity Sunday 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonImportance of the Trinity
23rd May 2021Pentecost Sunday 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonKoinonia
16th May 2021The Sunday after Ascension 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCaught in the Updraft
9th May 2021Sixth Sunday in Easter 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLinkages
2nd May 2021St Philip and St James 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellPhilip, James and Knowing God
25th April 20214th Sunday in Easter 2021 & ANZAC Day Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellKnown unto God
18th April 2021Third Sunday in Easter 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonResurrection and Identity
11th April 2021Second Sunday in Easter 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonResurrection and Forgiveness
4th April 2021Easter Day 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Resurrection: But What about the Eggs?
4th April 2021Easter Vigil 2021 Year BRevd Martin JohnsonParticipating in the Resurrection
1st April 2021Maundy Thursday 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellBrave New World
29th March 2021Funeral of Bishop Bruce Wilson, delivered at St James King Street Sydney Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellFuneral of Bishop Bruce Wilson
28th March 2021Palm/Passion Sunday 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonProcessions
21st March 2021Fifth Sunday in Lent 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Good News of the Cross
14th March 2021Fourth Sunday in Lent 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonCourage to await the Cross
7th March 2021Third Sunday in Lent 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellMarching to a Different Drummer
28th February 2021Second Sunday in Lent 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGiving Up and Taking Up in Lent
21st February 2021First Sunday in Lent 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLenten trials
14th February 2021Transfiguration 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonOur plans and God's plans
7th February 2021Fifth Sunday after Epiphany 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellExorcising Demonic Rivalry
31st January 2021Fourth Sunday after Epiphany 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonAnglican authority
24th January 2021Third Sunday after Epiphany 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonCommunal Sin, Communal Repentance
17th January 2021Second Sunday after Epiphany 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellEpiphany: Knowing and Being Known
10th January 2021Baptism Sunday 2021Year BRevd Martin JohnsonTheophany and the Church Militant
3rd January 2021Epiphany 2021 Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellStarlight, Star Bright
27th December 2020First Sunday after Christmass 2020Year BRevd Martin JohnsonHow Silently The Truth Is Given
25th December 2020Christmas Day 2020 Second MassYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellChristmas: God is Like Alfred Hitchcock
25th December 2020Christmas Day 2020 Midnight MassYear BRevd Martin JohnsonChristmas: Participation not escapism
20th December 20204th Sunday in Advent 2020Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Virtues and Disciplines of Advent
13th December 2020Third Sunday in Advent 2020Year BRevd Martin JohnsonChara
9th December 2020Funeral of Roger SharpRevd Rebecca NewlandDo not be Afraid
6th December 20202nd Sunday in Advent 2020Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellAdvent Hope
29th November 2020Advent Sunday 2020Year BRevd Martin JohnsonBefore and After
22nd November 2020Christ the King 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonControl
15th November 202024th Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellDe-Toxifying God: Re-Reading the Parable of the Talents
8th November 2020Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonLest We Forget
1st November 2020All Saints Day 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellAll Saints, and just in time …
25th October 2020Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonHoliness
18th October 2020St Luke's Day 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellSt Luke: There is balm in Gilead, there is a physician there
11th October 2020Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonThe Wedding Garment
4th October 2020St Francis's Day 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellRecapturing St Francis’ Form of Life
20th September 2020Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellBeyond Christian Values
13th September 2020Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonEcclesia and Authority
6th September 2020Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellUnder Authority
30th August 2020Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonOn 'Spiritual not Religious'
23rd August 2020Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Church: Admirers of Jesus or Members of Christ?
16th August 2020Mary, Mother of Our Lord, 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonHail Mary, Full of Grace
9th August 2020Tenth Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonValues and Faith
2nd August 2020Ninth Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Detox of our Nuremberged Imaginations
26th July 2020Eighth Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonThe Antidote to Indifference
19th July 2020Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellMistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful
12th July 2020Sixth Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonSowing in Tears
5th July 2020Fifth Sunday after Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott Cowdell“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me …”
28th June 2020Fourth Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonReimagining the world
21st June 2020Third Sunday After Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonCaring and Relationships
14th June 2020Corpus Christi 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCorpus Christi: Body, Matter, Violence
7th June 2020Trinity Sunday 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonTrinity and Worshipping Community
31st May 2020Pentecost 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellPentecost: Riding the Big Red Tricycle
17th May 2020Sixth Sunday of Easter 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellEaster Means Liberation
10th May 2020Fifth Sunday in Easter 2020Year ARevd Jeannette McHughDo not let your hearts be troubled
3rd May 2020Saints Philip and James 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonMeeting and Mending
26th April 2020Third Sunday of Easter 2020Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGrown-up Resurrection Faith
19th April 2020Second Sunday of Easter 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonMy Lord and My God
12th April 2020Easter DayYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Resurrection is a Game Changer
10th April 2020Good Friday 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonChrist Crowned
5th April 2020Passion Sunday 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonEngaging With Reality
29th March 2020Fifth Sunday in LentYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellI am the Resurrection and the Life
15th March 2020Third Sunday in LentYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellIs the Lord among us or not?
8th March 2020Second Sunday in Lent 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonCultivating the Land of Promise
1st March 2020First Sunday in LentYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellNot Failing in the Wilderness
23rd February 2020Transfiguration 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonChristian Identity
16th February 2020Sixth Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellChristian Moral Imagination
9th February 2020Fifth Sunday after Epiphany 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonOur Calling
2nd February 2020Candlemas, Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCandlemas: What is the Speed of Light?
26th January 2020Third Sunday after Epiphany 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonChurch Unity
19th January 2020Second Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellOur Epiphany
12th January 2020Baptism of Our Lord 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonChaos, and Hope
5th January 2020Epiphany 2020Year ARevd Martin JohnsonRevealings
29th December 2019First Sunday After Christmas 2019Year ARevd Martin JohnsonLiving Christmas Unreservedly
25th December 2019Christmas Day 2019Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellComforted and Confronted by the Word Made Flesh
24th December 2019Christmass Midnight 2019Year ARevd Martin JohnsonHope Subverting Politics
22nd December 2019Fourth Sunday of Advent 2019Year ARevd Martin JohnsonRenewal
15th December 2019Third Sunday in Advent 2019Year ARevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellNo Season for Hard Men
17th November 2019TwentyThird Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellBurning Issues
13th October 2019Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonFaith in us
13th October 2019Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellSensible Radicalism
6th October 2019Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Wreck of the Deutschland
22nd September 2019Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonConsumption
15th September 2019Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonHow God Acts
8th September 2019Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellReal Religious Freedom
1st September 2019Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGod’s Alarming Hospitality and Our Fragile Identity
25th August 2019Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonLift Up Your Hearts To The Lord
18th August 2019Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellEvensong at St Paul's Manuka - Mary in a Social Media Age
18th August 2019Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonJustice and Mercy
11th August 2019Ninth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonFaith
4th August 2019Eighth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellTrue Wisdom
28th July 2019Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonCourage in Prayer
21st July 2019Sixth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonHospitality
14th July 2019Fifth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonThe Outside Showing The Way
7th July 2019Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonReligious Freedom 8 AM; The Lamb of God 10AM
30th June 2019Third Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonSacramentality
23rd June 2019Second Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin Johnson'The Powers That Be'
16th June 2019Trinity Sunday 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellA Hybrid Divinity
9th June 2019Pentecost 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonA Different Perspective on the World
2nd June 2019Sunday After Ascension 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCaught Up
26th May 2019Sixth Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Colin DundonThe Holy City the New Jerusalem
19th May 2019Fifth Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellOn Our Being the Glory of God
12th May 2019Fourth Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Colin DundonThe Lamb Will Be Their Shepherd
5th May 2019Patronal Festival of St Philip and St James 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellKnowing God by Knowing Jesus
28th April 2019Second Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonResurrection Hope
21st April 2019Easter DayYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellHope Plus
21st April 2019Easter Vigil 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonLet go and Rejoice
19th April 2019Good Friday, Mass of the Pre-SanctifiedYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGood Friday: Israel Folau Has Got It Wrong
18th April 2019Maundy Thursday 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonOn the night He was betrayed
14th April 2019Passion Sunday 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonIdentity in Christ
7th April 2019Fifth Sunday in LentYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellScandalous!
31st March 2019Fourth Sunday in Lent 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonBreaking Down the Barriers
24th March 2019Third Sunday in Lent 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonFaith and Imaginative Vision
17th March 2019Second Sunday in LentYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Judgement of our Anxieties
10th March 2019First Sunday in Lent 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonNarratives and Trust
6th March 2019Ash Wednesday 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonLenten Renewal
3rd March 2019Seventh Sunday After Epiphany, TransfigurationYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGeorge Pell and the Transfiguration
24th February 2019Seventh Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Martin JohnsonLoving Our Enemies
17th February 2019Sixth Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellNothing Need Ever be the Same
10th February 2019Fifth Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Martin JohnsonThe Nature of our Calling
3rd February 2019Presentation of Christ in the Temple 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCandlemas: Outshining the Power of Death
27th January 2019Third Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Martin JohnsonLiving by our Creed
20th January 20192nd Sunday after Epiphany 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellSharing Christ's Glory
23rd December 2018Advent 4 2018Year CRevd Martin JohnsonAdvent Vulnerability
6th January 2019Feast of the Epiphany 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellEpiphany and the Catholic Faith
30th December 2018First Sunday after Christmas 2018Year CRevd Martin JohnsonHoly Family
24th December 2018Christmass Midnight 2018Year CRevd Martin JohnsonChristmas and Right Brain Thinking
23rd December 2018Advent 4 2018Year CRevd Martin JohnsonAdvent Vulnerability
16th December 2018Advent 3 2018Year CRevd Robert Willson, Rector of St Philip's 1979-1985Reflection on the Anniversary of the dedication of the Church Building
16th December 2018Advent 3 2018Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellWhat is St Philip’s Here For?
2nd December 2018Advent SundayYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellAdvent, Apocalypse, and Good News
25th November 2018Christ The King 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonA Kingdom Founded on Truth
4th November 2018All Saints 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonAll Saints
28th October 2018Twenty Third Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Martin JohnsonLooking Up
21st October 2018Twenty Second Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Martin JohnsonAnglicare Sunday
18th October 2018Feast of St Luke, Apostle and Martyr Year BRevd Martin JohnsonSt Luke and Healing
14th October 2018Twenty First Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Martin JohnsonBarriers to Becoming
7th October 2018Twentienth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellMade For Each Other
30th September 2018Nineteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Martin Johnson"In My Name"
23rd September 2018Eighteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Martin JohnsonGreatness and Little Children
16th September 2018Seventeenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Martin JohnsonSermon Given At Evensong at St Paul's Manuka
16th September 2018Seventeenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellIt’s Not about Success
9th September 2018Sixteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Jeannette McHughJesus and the Syrophonoecian Woman
2nd September 2018Fifteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellChrétiens Sans Frontières
19th August 2018Thirteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellFear the Lord or Follow the Crowd?
12th August 2018Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost 8 AMYear BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Body of Christ and Community
5th August 2018Eleventh Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellDr Atomic and the Bread of Life
29th July 2018Tenth Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Body of Christ
22nd July 2018Ninth Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonSalvation and Hope
8th July 2018Seventh Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonCivility
1st July 2018Sixth Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonPatience
24th June 2018Fifth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Jeannette McHughQuantum Universe
17th June 2018Fourth Sunday After PentecostYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Difference God Makes
10th June 2018Third Sunday After Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonNot losing heart and mental wellbeing.
3rd June 2018Corpus ChristiYear BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellOn Corpus Christi: Christ’s Thankful, Forward-Looking People
27th May 2018Trinity Sunday 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonProfound communion, the grammar of the Trinity.
20th May 2018Pentecost 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellPentecost: Beyond Cynicism, Fatalism and Groupthink
13th May 2018Seventh Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonChristian Unity and Faithfulness
6th May 2018St Philip and St James 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellPhilip, James, and the Apostolic Reality
29th April 2018Fifth Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonRepentance and Hope
22nd April 2018Fourth Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Good Shepherd or the Meat Industry, Take Your Pick …
15th April 2018Third Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Easter Revolution
8th April 2018Second Sunday of Easter 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonReconciling the earthly and the spiritual
1st April 2018Easter Sunday 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCaught up in the New Creation
31st March 2018Easter VigilYear BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Angel of the Future
30th March 2018Good Friday Reflections 2018Year BRevd Martin Johnson
29th March 2018Maundy Thursday 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellA Tough and Genuine Alternative
11th March 2018Fourth Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonHealing the serpent's bite
4th March 2018Third Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGood and Bad Religion
25th February 2018Second Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLiving together with quiet confidence in the in-between space
18th February 2018First Sunday in Lent 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonLent and Engagement
14th February 2018Ash Wednesday 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonSorrowful Rejoicing ... and Scooters
11th February 2018Transfiguration 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonBeyond Words
4th February 2018Candlemas 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonParadox and Potential
28th January 2018Fourth Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Jeannette McHughWhat to do with food dedicated to idols
21st January 2018Third Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellJesus' Call: Good News Not Bad
31st December 2017Epiphany 2018Year BRevd Martin JohnsonWhat were the magi seeking?
25th December 2017Christmas Day 2017Year BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Spiritual and the Material
24th December 2017Christmas Eve 2017Year BRevd Martin Johnson'Relevance' and Wonder
24th December 2017Fourth Sunday of Advent 2017Year BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Virgin Birth
17th December 2017Third Sunday of Advent 2017Year BRevd Martin JohnsonThe Nature of Advent Hope and Joy
10th December 2017Second Sunday of Advent 2017Year BRevd Martin JohnsonListening and Mark's Gospel
3rd December 2017First Sunday of Advent 2017Year BRevd Martin JohnsonWaiting for the second marshmallow
26th November 2017Christ the King 2017Year ARevd Martin JohnsonChrist the King, names and Taryn's Baptism
19th November 2017Twenty fourth Sunday after Pentecost 2017Year ARevd Martin JohnsonInvesting in Relationships
12th November 2017Twenty third Sunday after Pentecost 2017Year ARevd Martin JohnsonAttend!
5th November 2017Twenty second Sunday after Pentecost 2017Year ARevd Martin JohnsonBelieving, trusting, doing
4th November 2017All Saint's 2017Year ARevd Martin JohnsonAll Saint's 2017
29th October 2017Twenty-first Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonA Twitch upon the Thread
22nd October 2017Twentieth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonConform or Reform?
8th October 2017Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Jeannette McHughIn Perpetual Spring
1st October 2017Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonVulnerability
24th September 2017Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonEquality of Treatment ...
17th September 2017Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonForgiveness
10th September 2017Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonTo preserve the rights of others
3rd September 2017Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonRedefinition
27th August 2017Twelth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonEntering in
20th August 2017Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonConscience
13th August 2017Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonWho do you say that I am?
6th August 2017Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonAll are fed
30th July 2017Eighth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFamily membership open to all
23rd July 2017Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThe Kingdom of Heaven and the Groan of Salvation
16th July 2017Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonIs religion the cause of warfare?
9th July 2017Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonWisdom
2nd July 2017Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonA free life of obedience
2nd July 2017Fourth Sunday after Pentecost: Family EucharistYear ARevd Martin JohnsonChildren's talk: God's family
25th June 2017Third Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Martin JohnsonControl the tiger and live
18th June 2017Thanksgiving for the Holy CommunionYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThe one true sacrifice
11th June 2017Trinity SundayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThe strong name of the Trinity
4th June 2017Pentecost SundayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonPentecost is the future
28th May 2017Sunday after the AscensionYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThe Ascension of Christ
21st May 2017Sixth Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Martin JohnsonRitual, moral, intellectual
14th May 2017Fifth Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFifth Sunday of Easter 2017
7th May 2017Fourth Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Martin JohnsonSt Philip and St James 2017
30th April 2017Third Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThird Sunday of Easter 2017
23rd April 2017Second Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Martin JohnsonSecond Sunday of Easter 2017
16th April 2017EasterYear ARevd Martin JohnsonEaster 2017
15th April 2017Easter VigilYear ARevd Martin JohnsonEaster Vigil 2017
14th April 2017Good FridayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonGood Friday 2017
13th April 2017Maundy ThursdayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonMaundy Thursday 2017
9th April 2017Passion SundayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonPassion Sunday 2017
2nd April 2017Fifth Sunday in LentYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFifth Sunday in Lent 2017
26th March 2017Fourth Sunday in LentYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFourth Sunday in Lent 2017
19th March 2017Third Sunday in LentYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThird Sunday in Lent 2017
12th March 2017Second Sunday in LentYear ARevd Martin JohnsonSecond Sunday in Lent 2017
5th March 2017First Sunday in LentYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFirst Sunday in Lent 2017
1st March 2017Ash WednesdayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonAsh Wednesday 2017
26th February 2017TransfigurationYear ARevd Martin JohnsonTransfiguration 2017
19th February 2017Seventh Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonSeventh Sunday after Epiphany 2017
12th February 2017Sixth Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonSixth Sunday after Epiphany 2017
5th February 2017Fifth Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFifth Sunday after Epiphany 2017
2nd February 2017CandlemasYear ARevd Martin JohnsonPresentation of the Lord in the Temple
29th January 2017Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonFourth Sunday after Epiphany 2017
22nd January 2017Third Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThird Sunday after Epiphany 2017
15th January 2017Second Sunday after EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonSecond Sunday after Epiphany 2017
8th January 2017Baptism of the LordYear ARevd Martin JohnsonBaptism of the Lord 2017
1st January 2017EpiphanyYear ARevd Martin JohnsonEpiphany 2017
25th December 2016Christmas DayYear ARevd Martin JohnsonChristmas Day Eucharist 2016
24th December 2016Christmas MidnightYear ARevd Martin JohnsonChristmas Midnight 2016
18th December 2016Fourth Sunday in AdventYear ARevd Martin JohnsonIn Emmanuel … everything!
11th December 2016Third Sunday in AdventYear ARevd Martin JohnsonThe journey toward justice: joy awaits!
4th December 2016Second Sunday in AdventYear ARevd Dr Colin DundonThe King returns
27th November 2016First Sunday in AdventYear ARevd Dr Colin DundonThe Hour That No-one Knows
20th November 2016Christ the KingYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe God of the Cross becomes King
13th November 2016Twenty-Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe coming of the end: the final summons
6th November 2016All SaintsYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonPraise to the God of power and life
30th October 2016Twenty-Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonZacchaeus: salvation comes
23rd October 2016Twenty-Third Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe powerless and the powerful: entry into the age to come
16th October 2016Twenty-Second Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonPrayer, justice and mercy: the wonder and danger of prayer
9th October 2016Twenty-First Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonTen lepers healed: The joy of thanksgiving
2nd October 2016Twentieth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonHumble believing: Trusting the God who Loves Us
18th September 2016Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonGive an Account of your Management
11th September 2016Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonLost Sheep, Lost Coins
4th September 2016Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Andrea de Vaal HorciuReflection on my time at St Philip's
28th August 2016Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonWalking Humbly With Your God
21st August 2016Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonBent Becomes Straight
14th August 2016Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Call For Decision
7th August 2016Twelfth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Serving Master
31st July 2016Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonHe Was Rich
24th July 2016Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonDisciples' Prayer
17th July 2016Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonMartha and Mary
10th July 2016Eighth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Good Samaritan
3rd July 2016Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Commissioning of the Seventy Two
26th June 2016Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonTurning Towards Jerusalem
19th June 2016Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonJesus Heals the Gerasene Demoniac
12th June 2016Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Pamela PhillipsThe Disconcerting Dinner Guest
5th June 2016Third Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe raising of the widow's son at Nain - The Kingdom, compassion, new creation and social dislocation
29th May 2016Second Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonHealing of the Centurion's Slave
22nd May 2016Trinity SundayYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonFather, Son and Holy Spirit
15th May 2016PentecostYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Breath of Life - Pentecost
8th May 2016Seventh Sunday in EasterYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonCome, Lord Jesus
1st May 2016Sixth Sunday in EasterYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Holy City
24th April 2016Fifth Sunday in EasterYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonNew Heaven and a New Earth
17th April 2016Fourth Sunday in EasterYear CRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonShepherds
10th April 2016Third Sunday in EasterYear CRevd Jeannette McHughChrist, Resurrection, Grace: The Gospel of Paul
27th March 2016EasterYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonEaster
25th March 2016Good FridayYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonGood Friday
24th March 2016Maundy ThursdayYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Foot Washing
13th March 2016Fifth Sunday in LentYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe anointing at Bethany: God's new thing
6th March 2016Fourth Sunday in LentYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonA Waiting Father
28th February 2016Third Sunday in LentYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonGrief and Hope
21st February 2016Second Sunday in LentYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonReal Change
14th February 2016First Sunday in LentYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Testing of Jesus
10th February 2016Ash WednesdayYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Freedom of Forgiveness
7th February 2016Fifth Sunday after EpiphanyYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe Transfiguration
31st January 2016Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonA Kingdom for All #2
24th January 2016Third Sunday after EpiphanyYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonA Kingdom for All #1
17th January 2016Second Sunday after EpiphanyYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonTransformations
10th January 2016First Sunday after EpiphanyYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonJesus' Baptism: Power, Prayer, The Spirit
27th December 2015First Sunday after ChristmasYear CRevd Jeannette McHughA New Hope
25th December 2015Christmas DayYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonGood News of Great Joy
20th December 2015Fourth Sunday of AdventYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonA ruler from Bethlehem
6th December 2015Second Sunday of AdventYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonThe River of Fiery Spirit
29th November 2015First Sunday of AdventYear CRevd Dr Colin DundonSeason of Waiting
8th November 2015Twenty-fourth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Dr Colin DundonRich scribe versus poor widow
20th September 2015Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Dr Colin DundonWho is the greatest?
6th September 2015Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Andrea De Vaal HorciuHealing deafness
9th August 2015Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandSt Philip's Farewell Sermon
2nd August 2015Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Ian PoultonThe food that endures
26th July 2015Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Anne DudzinskiTransition at O'Connor
28th June 2015Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Jeannette McHughThe Celtic Way of Evangelism - Part 2
21st June 2015Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Jeannette McHughThe Celtic Way of Evangelism
14th June 2015Third Sunday after PentecostYear BDr Ros J. DalziellRefugee Week Address
22nd March 2015Fifth Sunday in LentYear BRevd Canon Professor Scott CowdellSome Gays come to Jesus
22nd February 2015First Sunday in LentYear BRevd Jeannette McHughLent
15th February 2015Transfiguration SundayYear BRevd Jeannette McHughThe Transfiguration of our Lord
25th January 2015Third Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God
18th January 2015Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BRevd Robin MooreFollow me!
11th January 2015First Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandThree realms of the Spirit
4th January 2015The Epiphany of Our LordYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Light at the heart of everything
21st December 2014Fourth Sunday of AdventYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandSay "Yes" to Jesus
7th December 2014Second Sunday of AdventYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandMake his paths straight
30th November 2014First Sunday of AdventYear BRevd Sonia NevilleLiving in Christ in transition with the certainty of uncertainty
23rd November 2014Christ the King / The Reign of ChristYear ADr David NevilleReal presence and the hope of judgement
16th November 2014Twenty-third Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Sonia NevilleTaking responsbility
26th October 2014Twentieth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Canon Professor Scott CowdellA Holiness worth having
28th September 2014Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandGod is a God of Abundance
24th August 2014Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandYou are Peter
10th August 2014Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandLamentation Sunday
27th July 2014Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandNothing can separate us from God's love
20th July 2014Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandThe grace of doing nothing
13th July 2014Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandThe Sower
6th July 2014Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Andrea de Vaal HorciuPsalms of Praise
22nd June 2014Second Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandJesus' subversive message
15th June 2014Trinity SundayYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandKnowledge and love of the triune God
8th June 2014Pentecost SundayYear ABrian McKinlayPeace and power
18th May 2014Fifth Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandThe way of Jesus
11th May 2014Fourth Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Canon Dr Scott Cowdell'I am the Gate', but what sort of gate?
4th May 2014Third Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellThe Road to Emmaus and back
27th April 2014Second Sunday of EasterYear ARevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellDoubt and faith
20th April 2014Easter DayYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandHe is risen indeed! Alleluiah!
17th April 2014Maundy ThursdayYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandLoving as Jesus loves
13th April 2014Sixth Sunday in LentYear AThe Gospel of the Passion
6th April 2014Fifth Sunday in LentYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandOut of the depths … Lenten series on prayer; 5
30th March 2014Fourth Sunday in LentYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandShine as a light in the world … Lenten series on prayer; 4
23rd March 2014Third Sunday in LentYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandGet close to Jesus and discover the truth … Lenten series on prayer; 3
16th March 2014Second Sunday in LentYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandWhen you pray let go and start from nowhere … Lenten series on prayer; 2
9th March 2014First Sunday in LentYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandThe first prayer: O Lord have mercy … Lenten series on prayer; 1
5th March 2014Ash WednesdayYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandCome back to Centre
2nd March 2014Last Sunday after the Epiphany: TransfigurationYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandThis is my Son, the Beloved
23rd February 2014Seventh Sunday after the EpiphanyRevd Rebecca NewlandRector's annual report 2014
16th February 2014Sixth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear ARevd Linda Anchell"But I say to you …"
9th February 2014Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear ARevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellThe Gospel, not religion
5th February 2014Revd Linda AnchellJean May Pound, 1920-2014
2nd February 2014The Presentation of Christ in the TempleYear ARevd Canon Dr Scott Cowdell
19th January 2014Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandJesus invites us into a relationship where he becomes known
12th January 2014The Baptism of Our LordYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandJustice in service
5th January 2014The Epiphany of Our LordYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandGod's answer to our tribalism
29th December 2013First Sunday of ChristmasYear ARevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellGod among us
25th December 2013Christmas DayYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandCome to God
22nd December 2013Fourth Sunday of AdventYear ARevd Linda AnchellShattered
8th December 2013Second Sunday of AdventYear ABrian McKinlayHearing the prophet
23rd November 2013Revd Rebecca NewlandHomily for a Baptism and confirmation
3rd November 2013All Saints SundayYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandWhat makes a saint?
27th October 2013Pentecost 23Year CRevd Steve ClarkeThe last and best word
20th October 2013Pentecost 22Year CRevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellNot like religion at all
13th October 2013Pentecost 21Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandLove that springs from gratitude
12th October 2013Revd Rebecca NewlandTim and Mel's wedding
15th September 2013Pentecost 17Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandOur very strange God
1st September 2013Pentecost 15Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus' party
25 August 2013Pentecost 14Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandSabbath
18 August 2013Pentecost 13Year CBrian McKinlayThe well-founded city
04 August 2013Pentecost 11Year CRevd Linda AnchellA Sermon for Deacon Sunday
28 July 2013Mary MagdaleneYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandMary Magdalene
4 July 2013Revd Rebecca NewlandBarbara Matthews 1925-2013
30 June 2013Peter and Paul, Apostles and MartyrsYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandSt Peter and St Paul
25 June 2013Revd Rebecca NewlandVal Reeves 1933-2013
23 June 2013Pentecost 5Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandAn uncomfortable story
16 June 2013Pentecost 4Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Centre forgives
9 June 2013Barnabas, Apostle and MartyrYear CBrian McKinlayBarnabas, Son of Encouragement
2 June 2013Pentecost 2Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandUnity in diversity
26 May 2013Trinity SundayYear CRevd Ian ChaplinThe Trinity
19 May 2013PentecostYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandPentecost
12 May 2013Easter 7Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandBe one as God is one
9 May 2013AscensionYear CRevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellAscension Day
14 April 2013Easter 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus is the way; follow him to fullness of life
7 April 2013Easter 2Year CDi PriestPictures of peace
17 March 2013Lent 5Year CBrian McKinlayThe passionate life
24 February 2013Lent 2Year CRevd Linda AnchellA darkness
17 February 2013Lent 1Year CChris CheahTesting and Temptation
10 February 2013TransfigurationYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandShine as a Light
27 January 2013Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Church is a new vision: unity in diversity
6 January 2013EpiphanyYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Epiphany of Christ moment by moment
30 December 2012Christmas 1Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandHoly and beloved
25 December 2012ChristmasYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandOur longing is over
23 December 2012Advent 4Year CBrian McKinlayChrist-like revolution
9 December 2012Advent 2Year CChris CheahThe Benedictus backstory
2 December 2012Advent 1Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandWhen apocalyptic confronts us stand up and embrace hope
18 November 2012Pentecost 25Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Psalms
11 November 2012Pentecost 24Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandHave faith and trust that your giving will be blessed
28 October 2012Pentecost 22Year BRevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellJesus changes lives
21 October 2012Pentecost 21Year BRevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellWhere is God?
14 October 2012Pentecost 22Year BRevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellStatus anxiety
23 September 2012Pentecost 17Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur words create: take care
9 September 2012Pentecost 15Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGod is on the side of the poor and so should we be
19 August 2012Pentecost 12Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandWisdom and the heart for hospitality
12 August 2012Pentecost 11Year BBrian McKinlayTaste and See
22 July 2012Pentecost 8Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandCome and See
1 July 2012Pentecost 5Year BRevd Steve ClarkeThe Healing touch
24 June 2012Pentecost 4Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandWe are not in control
17 June 2012Pentecost 3Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandWhen we abide in Christ we flourish
10 June 2012Pentecost 2Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandThere is the lie but we live in the truth
3 June 2012TrinityYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandKnowing God by loving God
20 May 2012Easter 7Year BRevd Jeannette McHughEternal life
13 May 2012Easter 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGod's salvation is love
6 May 2012Easter 5Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Good Shepherd
29 April 2012Easter 4Year BRevd Robin MooreBringing people to Jesus
22 April 2012Easter 3Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandResurrection and reconciliation
15 April 2012Easter 2Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandResurrection in the life of the believer
8 April 2012EasterYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandEaster Day: we are Easter people
6 April 2012Good FridayYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandGood Friday: non-violence
5 April 2012Maundy ThursdayYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandMaundy Thursday
25 March 2012Lent 5Year BRevd Linda AnchellAnd I, when I am lifted up
18 March 2012Lent 4Year BRevd Dr Catherine HoltLent is a journey
11 March 2012Lent 3Year BBrian McKinlayJesus breaks the barriers
4 March 2012Lent 2Year BChris CheahSmall bad habits
26 February 2012Lent 1Year BPerseverance: an introduction to Lent — essay by Kym Harris OSB.
19 February 2012TransfigurationYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandWalking in the light
12 February 2012Epiphany 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandHealing and faith
5 February 2012Epiphany 5Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGrowing in Christ-like love
29 January 2012Epiphany 4Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus Christ has true authority
22 January 2012Epiphany 3Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur first allegiance is to the Kingdom of God
15 January 2012Epiphany 2Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus invites us into a relationship where he becomes known
8 January 2012Epiphany 1Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandWater and the Holy Spirit: three realms of the Spirit
1 January 2012Christmas 1Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus is the light of all people
25 December 2011ChristmasYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandLook for the light
18 December 2011Advent 4Year BRt Revd Stuart RobinsonFiftieth anniversary
11 December 2011Advent 3Year BRevd Linda AnchellWhere are the prophets?
4 December 2011Advent 2Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandMaking a highway in the wilderness
27 November 2011Advent 1Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandPrepare for the beginning: stay awake
27 November 2011Advent 1Year BRevd Canon Dr Scott CowdellAdvent begins
20 November 2011Christ the KingYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandChrist the King & Ability
13 November 2011Pentecost 22Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandDeborah and Rael
30 October 2011Pentecost 20Year AVen Dr Sarah MacneilDo we show people what God is like?
9 October 2011Pentecost 17Year ARevd Steve ClarkeCreation anxiety and the Sabbath voice of Jesus
2 October 2011Pentecost 16Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandIn a world of violence Jesus is the unexpected cornerstone
25 September 2011Pentecost 15Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandMission: Romans 12
18 September 2011Pentecost 14Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandMission: Romans 10
21 August 2011 8amPentecost 10Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandA new name
21 August 2011 10amPentecost 10Year ARt Revd Trevor EdwardsAcknowledge Christ, worship Christ
14 August 2011Pentecost 9Year ARevd Steve ClarkeThe Prophet Mary
31 July 2011Pentecost 7Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonGive them something to eat yourselves.
17 July 2011Pentecost 5Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandBe patient gardeners
10 July 2011Pentecost 4Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandNurture the seed
3 July 2011Pentecost 3Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandSurrender to the yolk
26 June 2011Pentecost 2Year ARevd Linda AnchellAkedah: the Binding of Isaac and story
19 June 2011TrinityYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandA wondrous doctrine
5 June 2011Easter 7Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandPentecost
22 May 2011Easter 5Year AChris CheahThe Journey and the destination
15 May 2011Easter 4Year ARevd Linda AnchellGood Shepherd Sunday
1 May 2011Easter 2Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandHe is Risen indeed! Alleluia!
24 April 2011EasterYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandJesus Christ is risen! Easter
21 April 2011Maundy ThursdayYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandMaundy Thursday
10 April 2011Lent 5Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandWho is Christ for you?
3 April 2011Lent 4Year ABrian McKinlayHealing and the work of God
27 March 2011Lent 3Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandGo to the well
20 March 2011Lent 2Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandStart from nowhere
13 March 2011Lent 1Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandA relationship fractured by disobedience
20 February 2011Epiphany 6Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandGet out of the way
13 February 2011Epiphany 5Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandIt's about the relationship
6 February 2011Epiphany 4Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandCourage and Continuity
30 January 2011Epiphany 3Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandThe Manifesto of the King
9 January 2011Epiphany 1Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandOur identity is in Christ Jesus
2 January 2011Christmas 2Year ARevd Linda AnchellThe Epiphany: all are included
25 December 2010ChristmasYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandIn Jesus we know God and are known by Him?
19 December 2010Advent 4Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandThe Music of God
12 December 2010Advent 3Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandHe comes to us where we are
5 December 2010Advent 2Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandGod's judgement shines a light
28 November 2010Advent 1Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandFrom darkness to light
15 November 2010Revd Doug BannermanFuneral of Joyce Webster
7 November 2010Pentecost 24Year CBrian McKinlayHaggai ch 2
10 October 2010Pentecost 20Year CBrian McKinlayHealing prayer
23 September 2010Revd Rebecca NewlandFuneral of Ann Williams
29 August 2010Day of Prayer for RefugeesYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandDay of Prayer for Refugees
1 August 2010Pentecost 10Year CRevd Linda AnchellSt Stephen: Deacon Sunday
27 June 2010Pentecost 5Year CChris CheahNest or quest?
16 May 2010Easter 7Year CDr Heather ThomsonBecoming one
25 April 2010ANZAC DayYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandANZAC Day
18 April 2010Easter 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandGod revealed
11 April 2010Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe resurrection of Christ
10 April 2010Revd Rebecca NewlandFuneral of Rose Anchell
4 April 2010EasterYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandSo what? It changes everything
28 March 2010Palm SundayYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe crucifixion reveals our own violence
14 March 2010Lent 4Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandWe are entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation
28 February 2010Lent 2Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Cross is the key
21 February 2010Lent 1Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandThis Lent, let's be human
14 February 2010TransfigurationYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandChoose your direction of change
7 February 2010Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandAnd the bait is…?
31 January 2010Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandLove is the way
24 January 2010Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Church is a new vision = unity in diversity
17 January 2010Epiphany 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughJesus at a wedding
3 January 2010Christmas 2Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandWho is Jesus?
13 December 2009Advent 3Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandDo not fear the judgment — Rejoice!!
6 December 2009Advent 2Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandPrepare the way of the Lord
6 December 2009Advent 2Year CChris CheahZacharias' Story
29 November 2009Advent 1Year CRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonWords of hope and expectancy: farewell sermon
27 October 2009Year BBrian McKinlay with Kerry-Anne CousinsSynod Report 2009
16 August 2009Pentecost 11Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 3
9 August 2009Pentecost 10Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 2
2 August 2009Pentecost 9Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonAddresses on the Liturgy: Part 1
7 June 2009TrinityYear BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonThe mystery of God
31 May 2009PentecostYear BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonPentecost in action
10 May 2009Easter 5Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonLiving in faith and love
26 April 2009Easter 3Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonMinds opened to understand
15 March 2009Lent 3Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonWhere anger and courage meet
8 March 2009Lent 2Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonLosing our life to gain it
1 March 2009Lent 1Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonThe journey of discipleship
22 February 2009TransfigurationYear BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonTransfiguration
17 February 2009Revd Dr Ray WilliamsonRector's 2008 Report
15 February 2009Epiphany 5Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonTouch the world with life
8 February 2009Epiphany 4Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonHave you not known? Have you not heard?
25 January 2009Epiphany 3Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonJonah and empire
11 January 2009Epiphany 1Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonBaptism of Jesus
4 January 2009Christmas 2Year BRevd Dr Ray WilliamsonEpiphany
28 December 2008Christmas 1Year BRevd Jeannette McHughTwo old people
14 December 2008Advent 3Year BChris CheahAdvent repentance
7 December 2008Advent 2Year BBrian McKinlayAdvent restoration
30 November 2008Advent 1Year BRevd Linda AnchellAdvent Sunday
9 November 2008Pentecost 26Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonExpectations! Being ready!
2 November 2008All SaintsYear ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonA community of faith and commitment
19 October 2008Pentecost 23Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonLife that transcends death
12 October 2008Pentecost 22Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonWe're invited to a feast
5 October 2008Pentecost 21Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonThe fruitless vineyard
28 September 2008Pentecost 20Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonJesus' response to his critics
7 September 2008Pentecost 17Year ARevd Dr Ray WilliamsonA merciful, inclusive community
27 July 2008Pentecost 11Year ARevd Linda AnchellTreasure
20 July 2008Pentecost 10Year ABrian McKinlayFear not
13 July 2008Pentecost 9Year ABrian McKinlaySynod report
22 June 2008Pentecost 6Year AConnie GerrityContradiction and opposition
8 June 2008Pentecost 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonGod's openness to all people
1 June 2008Pentecost 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonPrayer demands action
18 May 2008TrinityYear AChris CheahIcons and the Hospitality of Abraham
with accompanying Powerpoint presentation 1Mb
11 May 2008PentecostYear ABrian McKinlayWhat says The Spirit?
4 May 2008St Philip & St James;Year ARt Revd Alan EwingConfirmation
27 April 2008Easter 6Year ARevd Rob LamertonAscension
30 March 2008Easter 2Year ARevd Rob LamertonIs the glass half full or half empty?
23 March 2008EasterYear ARevd Rob LamertonEaster
21 March 2008Good FridayYear ABrian McKinlayBy his wounds we are healed
21 March 2008Good FridayYear AChris CheahWhen our life began again
21 March 2008Good FridayYear ARevd Linda AnchellChristmas and easter are close
21 March 2008Good FridayYear ARevd Jeannette McHughPry me off dead centre
9 March 2008Lent 5Year ARevd Rob Lamerton2007: a quick review
2 March 2008Lent 4Year AChris CheahLearning to see
24 February 2008Lent 3Year ARevd Doug BannermanThe woman at the well
17 February 2008Lent 2Year ARevd Rob LamertonHome Groups
10 February 2008Lent 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonTemptations
3 February 2008TransfigurationYear ARevd Rob LamertonSeeing each other in a new light
27 January 2008Epiphany 3Year ARevd Ian ChaplinLight
20 January 2008Epiphany 2Year ARevd Jeannette McHughWrestle with questions of faith
13 January 2008Epiphany 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Baptism of Jesus
6 January 2008EpiphanyYear ARevd Linda AnchellEpiphany
30 December 2007Christmas 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonJesus, Lord and King from his birth
23 December 2007Advent 4Year AChris CheahJoseph's Kairos Encounter
16 December 2007Advent 3Year ASarah GowtyMary's joy
9 December 2007Advent 2Year ARevd Rob LamertonPrepare the Way
2 December 2007Advent 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonAdvent
25 November 2007Christ the KingYear CBrian McKinlayOf cabbages and kings
4 November 2007Pentecost 24Year CRevd Rob LamertonAll Saints
28 October 2007Pentecost 22Year CRevd Rob LamertonReceiving the grace of eternal life
21 October 2007Pentecost 21Year CRevd Rob LamertonGiving
14 October 2007Pentecost 20Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe place where we are
7 October 2007Pentecost 19Year CRevd Rob LamertonFaith and faithfulness
30 September 2007Pentecost 18Year CRevd Linda AnchellCreation Sunday
23 September 2007Pentecost 17Year CRevd Rob LamertonLearning to pray? Just do it
16 September 2007Pentecost 16Year CRevd Rob LamertonSynod report 2007
9 September 2007Pentecost 15Year CRevd Doug BannermanCalled to be potters
2 September 2007Pentecost 14Year CRevd Jeannette McHughSt Columba: part 2
26 August 2007Pentecost 13Year CRevd Rob LamertonWe begin where we are
19 August 2007Pentecost 12Year CBrian McKinlayOur journey to the heavenly city
12 August 2007Pentecost 11Year CRevd Rob LamertonWhat is our treasure?
5 August 2007Pentecost 10Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe best things in life are not free
29 July 2007Pentecost 9Year CChris CheahPersistence in prayer
15 July 2007Pentecost 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonTo be a neighbour
8 July 2007Pentecost 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonGod works in the bafflingly simple
1 July 2007Pentecost 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonNot looking back
24 June 2007Pentecost 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe man with many demons
17 June 2007Pentecost 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonForgiveness
10 June 2007Pentecost 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughSt Columba
3 June 2007TrinityYear CRevd Linda AnchellWhat are we?
27 May 2007PentecostYear CRevd Rob LamertonWhat it costs to keep this family
20 May 2007Easter 7Year CRevd Linda AnchellEssential unity
13 May 2007Easter 6Year CBrian McKinlayWe have heard from God. Have we obeyed?
6 May 2007Easter 5Year CRevd Robert WillsonSt Philip's fiftieth anniversary
29 April 2007Easter 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonHow are we of value to the local community?
22 April 2007Easter 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonA week for terrible events
15 April 2007Easter 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonBelieve that you may have life
8 April 2007EasterYear CRevd Rob LamertonGod gives life!
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CRevd Linda AnchellGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CBrian McKinlayGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CStephen BillettGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CRevd Jeannette McHughGood Friday reflection
1 April 2007Lent 6Year CRevd Linda AnchellPalms … folded into crosses
25 March 2007Lent 5Year CRevd Jeannette McHughIona sacred island of pilgrimage
18 March 2007Lent 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe prodigal son
11 March 2007Lent 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus' mission journey
4 March 2007Lent 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonThorpey
25 February 2007Lent 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonRectors' AGM Report
21 February 2007Ash WednesdayYear CRevd Rob LamertonAsh Wednesday
18 February 2007Last Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CRevd Rob LamertonAn epiphany of God's glory
11 February 2007Epiphany 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus on a level place
4 February 2007Epiphany 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe call of God
28 January 2007Epiphany 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonBeyond the boundaries
21 January 2007Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonMinistries of care
14 January 2007Epiphany 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus, the cause of great celebration
2 January 2007Baptism of our LordYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandThe new year needs the Holy Spirit and prayer
25 December 2006ChristmasYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandChristmas is for adults
24 December 2006Advent 4Year CRevd Linda AnchellGod gazes at us
17 December 2006Advent 3Year CChris CheahJoy
10 December 2006Advent 2Year CBrian McKinlayWalking and working in the ways of peace
3 December 2006Advent 1Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandWhen apocalyptic confronts us, stand up and embrace hope
26 November 2006Christ the KingYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandDo what ever he tells you and let the Kingdom come
19 November 2006Pentecost 24Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandInvite others to "Come and See" our hope
12 November 2006Pentecost 23Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandHave faith and trust that your giving will be blessed.
5 November 2006Pentecost 22Year BBrian McKinlayThe raising of Lazarus
29 October 2006Pentecost 21Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandWe are blind and we need healing
22 October 2006Pentecost 20Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandBe in awe and wonder as we love and serve creation.
15 October 2006Pentecost 19Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGot questions? There is a story
8 October 2006Pentecost 18Year BBrian McKinlayOne flesh
1 October 2006Pentecost 17Year BRevd Doug BannermanSacredness
24 September 2006Pentecost 16Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur words create; take care
17 September 2006Pentecost 15Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandTake up the cross and be free.
10 September 2006Pentecost 14Year BRevd Jeannette McHughWalking in the light of God
3 September 2006Pentecost 13Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandLet the Word go to your heart
27 August 2006Pentecost 12Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus has the words of eternal life; stand firm
20 August 2006Pentecost 11Year BRevd Linda AnchellTurn on the light
13 August 2006Pentecost 10Year BBrian McKinlayHungry for bread
6 August 2006Pentecost 9Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur moments of truth
30 July 2006Pentecost 8Year BChris CheahGrand narratives
23 July 2006Pentecost 7Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandIn Jesus Christ there are no walls
16 July 2006Pentecost 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandPut God first, second and third
9 July 2006Pentecost 5Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandFailure
2 July 2006Pentecost 4Year BRevd Linda AnchellUnclean!
25 June 2006Pentecost 3Year BChris CheahFear
18 June 2006Pentecost 2Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Kingdom of God is surprising
11 June 2006TrinityYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandLove as the Trinity dances
4 June 2006PentecostYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandOpen your heart to the Spirit of God
28 May 2006Easter 7Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandBe one as God is one
21 May 2006Easter 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandLove as Jesus commands
14 May 2006Easter 5Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandAbide in Jesus and bear fruit
7 May 2006Easter 4Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandLook around and God will show you the way
30 April 2006Easter 3Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandKnow Jesus
23 April 2006Easter 2Year BRevd Rob LamertonThere is no substitute for telling our own story
16 April 2006EasterYear BRevd Rob LamertonHe is Risen indeed! Alleluia!
9 April 2006Lent 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGod knows
2 April 2006Lent 5Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe Greeks did not get an answer!
26 March 2006Lent 4Year BRevd Rob LamertonGod so loved the world
19 March 2006Lent 3Year BRevd Rob LamertonJesus cleanses the temple
12 March 2006Lent 2Year BWashington OlooFarewell address
12 March 2006Lent 2Year BRevd Rob LamertonGod gives life against the odds
5 March 2006Lent 1Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe Covenant
26 February 2006TransfigurationYear BRevd Rob LamertonGod's glory in Jesus
19 February 2006Epiphany 7Year BRevd Rob LamertonHealing and forgiveness
12 February 2006Epiphany 6Year BRevd Rob LamertonJesus cleanses the leper
5 February 2006Epiphany 5Year BRt Revd Dr George BrowningCompelled to preach the gospel
29 January 2006Epiphany 4Year BRevd Rob LamertonJesus heals and preaches with authority
22 January 2006Epiphany 3Year BRevd Rob LamertonAnniversaries
15 January 2006Epiphany 2Year BRevd Doug BannermanCalling the Earth to witness
8 January 2006Epiphany 1Year BRevd Jeannette McHughEpiphany
1 January 2006The naming and circumcision of the LordYear BRevd Rob LamertonBaptism
25 December 2005ChristmasYear BRevd Rob LamertonThe potential to be Christ-like
18 December 2005Advent 4Year BRevd Rob LamertonBlessed and fragile
11 December 2005Advent 3Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe message of joy has a hard edge
4 December 2005Advent 2Year BChris CheahRepentance and salvation
27 November 2005Advent 1Year BRevd Linda AnchellHow will it all end?
20 November 2005Christ the KingYear ARevd Rob LamertonChrist's rulership
13 November 2005Pentecost 26Year ARevd Rebecca NewlandUse your gifts without fear
6 November 2005Pentecost 25Year ABrian McKinlayGunpowder, treason and plot
6 November 2005Pentecost 25Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe bridegroom comes
30 October 2005All SaintsYear ARevd Rob LamertonWhat I'm looking for
23 October 2005Pentecost 23Year ARevd Rob LamertonWhat do you think of the Messiah?
9 October 2005Pentecost 21Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe wedding banquet
2 October 2005Pentecost 20Year ABrian McKinlayThe power of greeting
2 October 2005Pentecost 20Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe fruit of the vineyard
25 September 2005Pentecost 19Year AStephen PalethorpeChristians, water and petrol
11 September 2005Pentecost 17Year ARevd Doug BannermanForgiveness
4 September 2005Pentecost 16Year ABrian McKinlayGod's love poem
4 September 2005Pentecost 16Year ARevd Rob LamertonRelationships in the community of faith
28 August 2005Pentecost 15Year AWarwick BrainThe Bible Society
21 August 2005Pentecost 14Year AChris CheahWho do you say that I am?
14 August 2005Mary, the Mother of Our LordYear ARevd Rebecca NewlandWe matter and how we respond matters
7 August 2005Pentecost 12Year ABrian McKinlayPrayer for healing
7 August 2005Pentecost 12Year ARevd Rob LamertonWe either try too hard, or we sit in the boat
31 July 2005Pentecost 11Year ARevd Rob LamertonYou give them something to eat!
24 July 2005Pentecost 10Year ARevd Rob LamertonDrought
17 July 2005Pentecost 9Year ARevd Rob LamertonWheat and weeds growing together
10 July 2005Pentecost 8Year ARevd Rob LamertonWords, words, words!
3 July 2005Pentecost 7Year ABrian McKinlayFreedom and the pillar of fire
3 July 2005Pentecost 7Year ARevd Rob LamertonJesus carries the burden
26 June 2005Pentecost 6Year ARevd Rob LamertonWhat goes around comes around
19 June 2005Pentecost 5Year ARevd Rob LamertonLetting go
12 June 2005Pentecost 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonHard graft
5 June 2005Pentecost 3Year ABrian McKinlayConfidence in Christ
5 June 2005Pentecost 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonAbram's journey
29 May 2005Pentecost 2Year AChris CheahRefuges and Foundations
22 May 2005TrinityYear AIan MarshallThe Trinity
15 May 2005PentecostYear ARevd Rob LamertonThe mission of the church and the ministry of the people
8 May 2005Easter 7Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Kingdom of Heaven - resurrection and ascension
1 May 2005Easter 6Year ARevd Rob LamertonSt Philip and St James
24 April 2005Easter 5Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Risen Christ in the midst of the world
17 April 2005Easter 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonJesus, the gate for the sheep
10 April 2005Easter 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonEmmaus
3 April 2005Easter 2Year ARevd Rob LamertonWe have seen the Lord!
27 March 2005EasterYear ARevd Rob LamertonBelieve, share, rejoice, worship
25 March 2005Good FridayYear AChris CheahReflection on John 13.1-17,31
25 March 2005Good FridayYear ARevd Linda AnchellReflection on John 13.21-32
20 March 2005Lent 6Year ARevd Linda AnchellHe did not answer
13 March 2005Lent 5Year ARevd Rob LamertonAs good as dead, but alive!
6 March 2005Lent 4Year ARevd Rob LamertonRector's report 2004
27 February 2005Lent 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonHardness of heart
20 February 2005Lent 2Year ASarah GowtyConfidence in Christ
13 February 2005Lent 1Year AChris CheahDesert walking
6 February 2005TransfigurationYear ARevd Rob LamertonFace to face with Jesus
30 January 2005Epiphany 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonOur poverty
23 January 2005Epiphany 3Year ARevd Rob LamertonThe Light for the Nations
16 January 2005Epiphany 2Year AChris CheahWhat are you looking for?
9 January 2005Epiphany 1Year ARevd Ian ChaplinA voice from heaven
2 January 2005Christmas 2Year ARevd Jeannette McHughThe presentation of Jesus in the Temple
25 December 2004ChristmasYear ARevd Rob LamertonChristmas
12 December 2004Advent 3Year AChris CheahA flower in the desert
5 December 2004Advent 2Year ARevd Linda AnchellThe tasks before us
28 November 2004Advent 1Year ARevd Rob LamertonReadiness for new beginnings
14 November 2004Pentecost 24Year CRevd Rob LamertonWhat is it you hope for?
7 November 2004Pentecost 23Year CRevd Rob LamertonGod is the God of the living
31 October 2004All SaintsYear CRevd Rob LamertonA confident celebration
24 October 2004Pentecost 21Year CRevd Rob LamertonBe like children
17 October 2004Pentecost 20Year CRevd Rob LamertonCreating relevance
10 October 2004Pentecost 19Year CRevd Rob LamertonLeprosy healed
3 October 2004Pentecost 18Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe assurance of things hoped for
26 September 2004Pentecost 17Year CRevd Rob LamertonInvest in life
12 September 2004Pentecost 15Year CRevd Rob LamertonChrist Jesus came into the world to save sinners
5 September 2004Pentecost 14Year CRevd Rob LamertonFacing up to our real selves
29 August 2004Pentecost 13Year CRevd Rob LamertonHumility
22 August 2004Pentecost 12Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe synagogue worship
8 August 2004Pentecost 10Year CRevd Rob LamertonHiroshima and the horrors of destruction
1 August 2004Pentecost 9Year CRevd Rob LamertonPossessing munch but lacking everything
25 July 2004Pentecost 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonOur prayers are indeed answered
18 July 2004Pentecost 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonBeing with Jesus
11 July 2004Pentecost 5Year CRevd Linda AnchellMeasurement
4 July 2004Pentecost 5Year CRevd Jeannette McHughBrave and free
27 June 2004Pentecost 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonFriendship, family and frustration
20 June 2004Pentecost 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonWhat are you doing here?
13 June 2004Pentecost 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe post-Pentecost journey
6 June 2004TrinityYear CRevd Rob LamertonD-Day and the divine mystery of God
30 May 2004PentecostYear CChris CheahAir and fire
23 May 2004Easter 7Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe healing of a slave girl
16 May 2004Easter 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonAnglicare Sunday
9 May 2004Easter 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus doesn't play golf
2 May 2004Easter 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonSaint Philip, apostle and martyr
25 April 2004Easter 3Year CChris CheahResurrection resonances
18 April 2004Easter 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonReassurance in doubt
11 April 2004EasterYear CRevd Rob LamertonThe Lord is Risen! What does it all mean?
4 April 2004Lent 6Year CRevd Rob LamertonEaster
28 March 2004Lent 5Year CKen BatterhamOffering ourselves
21 March 2004Lent 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonReconciliation
14 March 2004Lent 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonToo much stuff
7 March 2004Lent 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonDiscover God's light in unusual places
29 February 2004Lent 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonAnnual General Meeting report 2004
22 February 2004TransfigurationYear CChris CheahJudging and measuring
15 February 2004Epiphany 5Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus on a level place
8 February 2004Epiphany 4Year CRevd Rob LamertonCouldn't God find someone else?
1 February 2004Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonJesus' policy speech
25 January 2004Epiphany 3Year CRevd Rob LamertonAustralia Day: challenges to a free and open society
18 January 2004Epiphany 2Year CRevd Rob LamertonWater into wine
4 January 2004Christmas 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughEpiphany
28 December 2003Christmas 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe twelve days of Christmas
25 December 2003ChristmasYear CRevd Rob LamertonChristmas
24 December 2003Christmas EveYear CRevd Rob LamertonChristmas Eve
21 December 2003Advent 4Year CRevd Linda AnchellBe the change you wish to see
14 December 2003Advent 3Year CChris CheahPeace and repentance
7 December 2003Advent 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughIt's Time
30 November 2003Advent 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonHope
23 November 2003Christ the KingYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus as Lord is the way to freedom
16 November 2003Pentecost 23Year BRevd Rob LamertonOur work must serve the mission
9 November 2003Pentecost 22Year BRevd Rob LamertonRuth's commitment
2 November 2003All SaintsYear BRevd Rob LamertonThe saints' life with God
26 October 2003Pentecost 20Year BRevd Rob LamertonOur place before God as community
19 October 2003Pentecost 19Year BRevd Rob LamertonGreatness is in service
12 October 2003Pentecost 18Year BChris CheahPosessions
24 August 2003Pentecost 11Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe armour of God
17 August 2003Pentecost 10Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe life of heaven in our midst
10 August 2003Pentecost 9Year BRevd Linda AnchellDe Profondis
3 August 2003Pentecost 8Year BRevd Rob LamertonA welcoming and safe place
27 July 2003Pentecost 7Year BChris CheahLectio Divina
26 August 2001Refugee SundayYear CRevd Linda AnchellCan we walk with the refugee?
25 March 2001Lent 4Year CRevd Linda AnchellThe hour of banquet and song.

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602