Each year St Philip's supports 3 mission projects. A local, national and international project with financial and prayer support. During the year we give a special focus to each project with a service dedicated to each, information, speakers, special prayers and the collection of gifts.

Our 2019 and 2020 mission projects

  • Our local mission project is Companion House. Companion House is a non government community based organisation. We work with adults and children who have sought safety in Australia from persecution, torture and war related trauma. We believe that people who have survived torture, trauma and human rights violations should have access to services that respect, empower and promote recovery. Our services include: Medical, Counselling, Complementary Therapy, Community Development, Training and Professional Development, Policy Advice and Awareness Raising, Migration Advice. Our Services are free of charge.

  • Our national mission project is Australia Youth Engagement. This project has been set up to fund Church initiatives which engage young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In the Northern Territory, Aboriginal leaders expressed a desire to try to break some of the destructive cycles they were observing, by engaging their young people more in the church. There is more work yet to be done to ensure these children are given every opportunity to flourish.

  • Our international mission project is Zambia Gender and Governance Project. This year the project aims to see: 30% decrease in gender-based violence across four villages comprising 12,795 people, 300 people accessing legal advice about gender-based violence, 40% of all reported cases of GBV successfully closed, 225 men trained and actively involved in the Men Engage Network aimed at preventing Gender-based Violence, 95 people accessing micro loans to establish small businesses

Our 2017 and 2018 mission projects

  • Our local mission project is St Philip's Care. Our outreach program at the Northbourne Community Centre, run by Revd Robin Moore. We are focussing on this project, as we have struggled to get outside funding to support it while the redevelopment along Northbourne Avenue occurs. The future direction of the program is a unknown at this stage and will become clearer as the redevelopment progresses.

  • Our national mission project is Australia: Youth Engagment Across The Top End Remote Communities

  • Our international mission project is The Myanmar Education program

Our 2015 and 2016 mission projects

  • Our local mission project is support for the Common Ground accommodation project. Common Ground provides people who are homeless or who have a low income with safe and secure accommodation at a rent affordable in their circumstances — together with support services promoting independence and self-sufficiency.

  • Our national project is to support Wontulp-Bi-Buya College, based in Cairns. The College provides leadership training for Indigenous people in Queensland and beyond in the fields of theology, mental health and community development.

  • Our international mission project is support for the Al Ahli Arab Gaza hospital a vital work of the Diocese of Jerusalem. The hospital work to provide the best medical care possible with gracious Christian care under the most adverse circumstances. It treats all people in need. The political status of Gaza affects all aspects of life because of restrictions on movement of materials and people in and out. Electricity, medicines, food, fuel, and personnel are all restricted to some extent.