Parish Council

Parish Council 2019

Revd Martin Johnson
Rector's Warden: Denise Manley (Food & Events @ St Philip's)
People's Wardens: Dr Rosemary Knight and Roger Sharp (Compliance & Safety Officer)
Councillors: Ian Cousins (Chair and Pandora's contact), Alistair Davidson, Cliff Lloyd (Mission projects and Parish Communications), Russell McCaskie, Rebecca Palethorpe (Secretary and Children's & Youth) and Shane Woodburn (Treasurer)

Key points from Council meetings

June 2019

As mentioned in the Key Points from its May meeting, Parish Council is continuing to progress the idea of a Sustainable Stewardship Plan as part of a Three Year Parish Plan. The Council invites you to provide your ideas and thoughts on caring for our buildings and grounds and on the management of water and energy.

June is our local mission month and the local mission project for 2019 and 2020 is Companion House in Belconnen which assists refugees and survivors of torture and trauma. Please support this worthy cause.

The Parish still collects stamps for ABM. Please place them in the stamp letterbox in the foyer.

On maintenance: the broken concrete in the entrance path to the church has been replaced; new steps have been installed at the pulpit door to address the risks presented by the old narrow steps; and a final piece of landscaping in the front yard of the Rectory is underway.

The fridge in the Lamerton Centre has failed again and will be replaced as soon as possible.

The end of autumn Working Bee will be held on Saturday 22 June from 9-11am. Please come and help if you can.

May 2019

A 2019 Governance Notice has been placed on the noticeboard setting out the points of contact/liaison responsibilities of Parish Councillors for particular aspects of Parish life. These designations are intended to facilitate contact if you have a matter which you wish to raise with Parish Council.

As discussed at the AGM, Parish Council are looking to develop a Sustainable Stewardship Package with the four spokes of buildings and grounds, water and energy management. Any ideas or suggestions parishioners have towards our approach to this package would be gratefully received by email to or through discussion with any of our parish council members.

There will be an end of autumn Working Bee held on Saturday 22 June from 9-11am.

April 2019

Parish Council is very grateful for the parishioners who have taken on, or who will to continue to serve in, valuable parish roles until the next AGM in 2020.

Parish Council is also very grateful for the many parishioners who volunteered to be part of the summer watering program for the gardens. Parish Council will be discussing what solutions there might be for next and subsequent summers given the drying of the climate.

We will focus on the Mission projects agreed at the AGM at the following points during the year - our local mission “Companion House”, Canberra in June; our national mission “ABM project: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Engagement” in August and our international mission “ABM project: Gender and Governance in Zambia” in October. Cliff Lloyd is the missions coordinator on Parish Council.

This year’s Spring Fling will be held on Saturday 14 September. This event is our major fundraising and community outreach event of the year. Please put the date in your diaries.

On maintenance, all broken windows on the lower level of both sides of the church have now been replaced; the leaking sink in the disabled toilet has been fixed and the liquidambar in the Rectory garden has been pruned.

The time has come to check your entry for the upcoming 2019 Parish Directory. Sheets with details are available until the end of April and may be found at the rear of the church. Please check your entry and amend if necessary and, if you know of someone who is no longer coming to St Philip’s, please advise the Rector or a Parish Councilor.

March 2019

The new Council elected Ian Cousins as Chair, Shane Woodburn as Treasurer and Rebecca Palethorpe as Secretary. Points of contact responsibilities have been allocated amongst the new Council members and a revised note will be placed on the Noticeboard.

There is an annual survey of the membership of parish subgroups: the Liturgy Committee, Pandora's Management Committee, Food & Events @ St Philips and the Children & Youth Ministry Support Group. Parishioners wishing to serve, or to continue to serve, on any of these committees between now and the 2020 AGM should make their interest known to Rev’d Martin, a Warden or any other Parish Councillor.

The Parish Council also conducts an annual survey of the valuable roles performed for the Parish by various individuals, such as Youth Group Coordinators, Parish Office, Pewsheet, Website, Parish Calendar, Banking, Rosters Coordinator, Linen & Flowers Coordinator. Parishioners wishing to serve in any of these roles, or to continue to serve, in any of these roles between now and the 2020 AGM should make their interest known to Rev’d Martin, a Warden or any other Parish Councillor.

Key priorities for Rev’d Martin and the Council this year, in addition to the normal running of the Parish, pastoral care and stewardship, will be: the Youth and Family ministry, the Aged Care ministry at Kankinya and Morsehead Village in Lyneham. On maintenance, rectifying persistent leaks in the Kindergarten roof remains a priority.

Key dates to keep in mind are: Market Day 23 March; Pre-Easter Working Bee 30 March; Easter Celebration Breakfast from 8- 9.30am on 21 April. St. Philip’s Day will be celebrated on 5 May. A date for the “Spring Fling” will be decided at the April Parish Council meeting.

February 2019

Key Points from February Parish Council Meeting

At its meeting on 6 February, the Parish Council considered the agenda and papers for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at 11.15am sharp on Sunday 24 February.

In addition to Parish Council elections, there are two vacancies for Synod alternates for 2019.

After the normal business and elections, the AGM will have two general business items: Carola Parke Bequest and Missions Program Review for 2019 and 2020

Parishioners are reminded that voluntary parish roles are renewed after each AGM. If any parishioners would like to take on a voluntary role in 2019 or are thinking about doing so, please talk to Rev’d Martin or any Parish Councillor.

The St Philips Autumn Market will be held on Saturday 23 March from 9am to 1pm.

There will be a pre-Easter Working Bee for the church and garden on Saturday 30 March from 9-11am.