19th May 2019Fifth Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellOn Our Being the Glory of God
12th May 2019Fourth Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Colin DundonThe Lamb Will Be Their Shepherd
5th May 2019Patronal Festival of St Philip and St James 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellKnowing God by Knowing Jesus
28th April 2019Second Sunday in Easter 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonResurrection Hope
21st April 2019Easter DayYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellHope Plus
21st April 2019Easter Vigil 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonLet go and Rejoice
19th April 2019Good Friday, Mass of the Pre-SanctifiedYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGood Friday: Israel Folau Has Got It Wrong
18th April 2019Maundy Thursday 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonOn the night He was betrayed
14th April 2019Passion Sunday 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonIdentity in Christ
7th April 2019Fifth Sunday in LentYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellScandalous!
31st March 2019Fourth Sunday in Lent 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonBreaking Down the Barriers
24th March 2019Third Sunday in Lent 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonFaith and Imaginative Vision
17th March 2019Second Sunday in LentYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellThe Judgement of our Anxieties
10th March 2019First Sunday in Lent 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonNarratives and Trust
6th March 2019Ash Wednesday 2019Year CRevd Martin JohnsonLenten Renewal
3rd March 2019Seventh Sunday After Epiphany, TransfigurationYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellGeorge Pell and the Transfiguration
24th February 2019Seventh Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Martin JohnsonLoving Our Enemies
17th February 2019Sixth Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellNothing Need Ever be the Same
10th February 2019Fifth Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Martin JohnsonThe Nature of our Calling
3rd February 2019Presentation of Christ in the Temple 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellCandlemas: Outshining the Power of Death
27th January 2019Third Sunday After EpiphanyYear CRevd Martin JohnsonLiving by our Creed
20th January 20192nd Sunday after Epiphany 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellSharing Christ's Glory
6th January 2019Feast of the Epiphany 2019Year CRevd Canon Prof Scott CowdellEpiphany and the Catholic Faith