Revd Canon Professor Scott Cowdell

Revd Professor Scott CowdellThe Revd Canon Professor Scott Cowdell, BSc, BTh, BA(Hons), PhD became an Honorary Associate Priest at St Philip's in February 2018. He was guest preacher a number of times previously.

16th February 20206th Sunday after EpiphanyYear AChristian Moral Imagination
2nd February 2020Candlemas, 4th Sunday after EpiphanyYear ACandlemas: What is the Speed of Light?
19th January 20202nd Sunday after EpiphanyYear AOur Epiphany
25th December 2019Christmas Day 2019Year AComforted and Confronted by the Word Made Flesh
15th December 2019Third Sunday in Advent 2019Year ANo Season for Hard Men
17th November 2019TwentyThird Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CBurning Issues
13th October 2019Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CSensible Radicalism
6th October 2019Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CThe Wreck of the Deutschland
8th September 2019Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CReal Religious Freedom
1st September 2019Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CGod’s Alarming Hospitality and Our Fragile Identity
18th August 2019Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CEvensong at St Paul's Manuka - Mary in a Social Media Age
4th August 2019Eighth Sunday after Pentecost 2019Year CTrue Wisdom
16th June 2019Trinity Sunday 2019Year CA Hybrid Divinity
2nd June 2019Sunday After Ascension 2019Year CCaught Up
19th May 2019Fifth Sunday in Easter 2019Year COn Our Being the Glory of God
5th May 2019Patronal Festival of St Philip and St James 2019Year CKnowing God by Knowing Jesus
21st April 2019Easter DayYear CHope Plus
19th April 2019Good Friday, Mass of the Pre-SanctifiedYear CGood Friday: Israel Folau Has Got It Wrong
7th April 2019Fifth Sunday in LentYear CScandalous!
17th March 2019Second Sunday in LentYear CThe Judgement of our Anxieties
3rd March 2019Seventh Sunday After Epiphany, TransfigurationYear CGeorge Pell and the Transfiguration
17th February 2019Sixth Sunday After EpiphanyYear CNothing Need Ever be the Same
3rd February 2019Presentation of Christ in the Temple 2019Year CCandlemas: Outshining the Power of Death
20th January 20192nd Sunday after Epiphany 2019Year CSharing Christ's Glory
6th January 2019Feast of the Epiphany 2019Year CEpiphany and the Catholic Faith
16th December 2018Advent 3 2018Year CWhat is St Philip’s Here For?
2nd December 2018Advent SundayYear CAdvent, Apocalypse, and Good News
7th October 2018Twentienth Sunday After PentecostYear BMade For Each Other
16th September 2018Seventeenth Sunday After PentecostYear BIt’s Not about Success
2nd September 2018Fifteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BChrétiens Sans Frontières
19th August 2018Thirteenth Sunday After PentecostYear BFear the Lord or Follow the Crowd?
5th August 2018Eleventh Sunday After PentecostYear BDr Atomic and the Bread of Life
17th June 2018Fourth Sunday After PentecostYear BThe Difference God Makes
3rd June 2018Corpus ChristiYear BOn Corpus Christi: Christ’s Thankful, Forward-Looking People
20th May 2018Pentecost 2018Year BPentecost: Beyond Cynicism, Fatalism and Groupthink
6th May 2018St Philip and St James 2018Year BPhilip, James, and the Apostolic Reality
22nd April 2018Fourth Sunday of Easter 2018Year BThe Good Shepherd or the Meat Industry, Take Your Pick …
1st April 2018Easter Sunday 2018Year BCaught up in the New Creation
29th March 2018Maundy Thursday 2018Year BA Tough and Genuine Alternative
4th March 2018Third Sunday in Lent 2018Year BGood and Bad Religion
21st January 2018Third Sunday of Epiphany 2018Year BJesus' Call: Good News Not Bad
22nd March 2015Fifth Sunday in LentYear BSome Gays come to Jesus
26th October 2014Twentieth Sunday after PentecostYear AA Holiness worth having
11th May 2014Fourth Sunday of EasterYear A'I am the Gate', but what sort of gate?
4th May 2014Third Sunday of EasterYear AThe Road to Emmaus and back
27th April 2014Second Sunday of EasterYear ADoubt and faith
9th February 2014Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AThe Gospel, not religion
2nd February 2014The Presentation of Christ in the TempleYear A
29th December 2013First Sunday of ChristmasYear AGod among us
20th October 2013Pentecost 22Year CNot like religion at all
9 May 2013AscensionYear CAscension Day
28 October 2012Pentecost 22Year BJesus changes lives
21 October 2012Pentecost 21Year BWhere is God?
14 October 2012Pentecost 22Year BStatus anxiety
27 November 2011Advent 1Year BAdvent begins