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2017 Lent Study — RECEIVING CHRIST in five different ways

YoungCourse Synopsis 'To all who received him … he gave power to become children of God.' (John 1.12.) This raises big questions. Aren't we all children of God anyway? Just how can we receive Christ? And what does it mean to have 'a relationship with God'? In a course crammed with discussable questions, John Young teases out from the New Testament at least three different ways in which we receive Christ. John's course booklet is supplemented by four leading Christians, from a variety of backgrounds, on the course CD. Together they demonstrate that St John's theology in his magisterial Gospel has very practical implications for our day-to-day lives.

Five Sessions
Session 1: Receiving Christ: as children of God
Session 2: Receiving Christ: in the stranger and the needy
Session 3: Receiving Christ: in Holy Communion
Session 4: Receiving Christ: through prayer and fellowship
Session 5: ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’ (Colossians 1.27)

2016 Lent Study — The Psalms of Ascents

Lenten study this year is being led by our Locum Tenens Rector, Reverend Colin Dundon. The psalms have guided and inspired God’s pilgrim people for two and a half millennia expressing their joy, their praise, their fears, their laments and bold trust. This Lent we will journey with the ancient pilgrims using the Psalms that they used at the Feast of Tabernacles, Psalms 120-134 often called the Psalms of Ascents.

The materials prepared by Fr. Colin will be posted to this site as they become available. The materials currently available can be found by clicking here.

2015 Lent Study

Stinissen In the spiritual life, we need a central idea: something so basic and comprehensive that it encompasses everything else. According to the acclaimed spiritual writer Carmelite Father Wilfrid Stinissen, surrender to God, abandonment to the One who loves us completely, is that central reality. The life of Jesus shows us the centrality of abandonment, for it is truly the beginning and the end of his mission on earth.

For lenten study this year, Rebecca recommended Fr Wilfrid Stinessen's book Into Your Hands, Father: Abandoning Ourselves to the God who Loves Us. Father Wilfrid Stinessen was born in Antwerp, Belgium, where he entered the Carmelite Order in 1944. He was sent to Sweden in 1967 to co-found a small contemplative community. His many books on the spiritual life have been translated into multiple languages.

For Love of the World

This series of five studies by Rebecca Newland and Linda Chapman considers the Christian response to climate change and asks what must we do as followers of Christ. The first step is repentance. After true repentance comes changed behaviour.

Addresses on the Liturgy

In three talks, the Revd Dr Ray Williamson looks at the weekly service of holy communion — what we say and do, why, and what it means to us.

Reading in Worship

These notes from our Reading in Worship workshop give practical advice on how best to prepare and present a scripture reading in church service.