"Prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he lead us all together to life everlasting."
—Rule of St Benedict: 72.


At St Philip's we seek to glorify God and make disciples by creating a community where we live the love of Christ. As we follow Christ we value:

  • Inclusion: we respect the individual and embrace and honour diversity.
  • Relevance: we promote Christ as central for our community, our world and ourselves.
  • Caring: we share Christ's love through welcome, hospitality, service and stewardship.
  • Relationships: we build nurturing connections with God, each other and the wider community.
  • Worship: we provide a space for people to celebrate and grow in the healing love and grace of Christ.

We strive for:

  • a relationship with the triune God that is personal and daily,
  • a relationship with others that is respectful and caring,
  • a relationship with the world that engages neighbours and nations,
  • a commitment to worship, fellowship and service.


In common with Anglicans throughout our Diocese, St Philip's upholds and encourages ministry and leadership by women and the full inclusion of women in every aspect of church life.

We rejoice in fellowship with people of many races, cultures and language backgrounds and from all age groups.

We delight in welcoming people with special abilities and dis-abilities and appreciate their advice on how we can do this better.

We welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people into our community and affirm their full participation in the worship and service of God.

Peace and justice

Many members of St Philip's are active in support and advocacy for justice and peace, including for:

  • the people of Palestine and Israel,
  • asylum seekers and refugees,
  • reconciliation and equality between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians,
  • full equality of LGBTI people, and
  • people in need in our community.

As a Parish, we support local, national and international mission projects.


We aim to be as 'green' as possible, in practical ways such as solar power, water conservation, recycling, avoiding waste, and the use of energy-efficient vehicles. We support work throughout the church to embrace the care of the environment and creation as an essential part of Christian faith, mission and outreach.

Safe church

We are committed to making our community of faith a safe place for all, especially children.