Lenore Carola Parke 1931-2012

Carola Parke

Linda Anchell wrote:

Many from the parish attended Carola's funeral at St Philip's on Friday 17 August 2012. The special thing about a funeral is learning of those parts of a person's life that you did not know. It is a privilege to hear but also a reminder that our lives are full and are lived in many different place.

Carola was born in England, near the village of Sturminster Marshall, East Dorset,, on 8 February 1931 and died in Canberra on 19 July 2012.

Carola's sister Isobel wrote from the USA of her early years.Carola lost her father Charles when very young. (From our Memorial book we learn that she was five years old.) Her mother was determined that the four girls should have a good education. Carola went to St Andrew's University and graduated with a degree in liberal arts. There was work in London. Then Carola took advantage of the opportunity to migrate to Australia, working first in Alice Springs, but soon coming to Canberra.

We heard from many of Carola's work colleagues at the ANU. She was a very good teacher and mentor in Administration in various sections. Neighbours in Dryandra St and parishioners also spoke and told of her neighbourly kindness. Carola was creative and had great curiosity; a lover of flowers and her 'English garden'. Philida Sturgiss-Hoy describes her as a "walking dictionary" and spoke of her flower arranging here for many years. Marmalade and cumquat brandy were remembered. St Philip's has kneelers made by Carola and also by her mother.

Annette Horvath who was Carola's carer and brought her to church told of a time by the lake when swans and their cygnets swam away from them. Annette retreated, Carola went down towards them and the swans returned, cooing at their young ones and quite comfortable with Carola's presence near them. Carola came back when the swans left, beaming with pleasure. Annette reminds us that an hour spent with someone who will not remember is still a valuable time: treasure it.

And now I pray that God is holding Carola's hand as tightly as she often held my hand as we left the church, going wherever it was Carola was wanting to go! But more especially, that God would be holding and guiding her, just as Annette would then hold and guide Carola to where they needed to be going.

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