Joyce Webster 1919-2010

Funeral, 15 November 2010

Charlotte Webster, Joyce's granddaughter gave the eulogy.

The Revd Doug Bannerman preached the sermon.

Granddaughter-in-law Sarah read a poem written by Kathy Clarkson. Kathy was Joyce's friend and Katy's mother, Amy Plant, née Keats was with Joyce on the hospital ship Karoa in India during the war.


A little rosebud bloomed in Suffolk
and joined the flowers in the fields
Frolicking laughter was her joy
till breathless wonder sorrow yields
But from every winter a robin sings
Bright-coloured flame to blossom springs
Touching those whose senses meet
such fragrance fluttering, so complete.
Whatever thorns the rose does bear,
only soft incense is petalled there
to remind us of sweet blissful days,
magic moments that transcend a graze;
Everlasting memories pure
Friendship & love, connect & endure
So, though the flower fades and dies
Rejoice such beauty through its disguise.
— a tribute to Joyce Webster by Kathy Clarkson, 2010.

Joyce and Roger

Angus Webster, Joyce's great grandson also spoke:

"Joyce, also known as GG, was a great person in many ways but living to 91 was amazing. I was very lucky to have a great-grandmother who I got to know well. GG was always excited every time I came over. When I was little she used to help me reach the peephole in her unit. When I started talking, I used to say GG can you help me reach the peephole and she usually just laughed but it wouldn't matter to me as she helped me see through the hole.

"She used to knit me jumpers and always asked me what colour I would like; first a red one then a bright orange one. She also bought me a black teddy when I was just born which I still have today.

"When we came to stay she let my parents sleep in her room and me sleep in the spare room with her. She was born in 1919 the youngest of three children John, Joan and Joyce. She always remembered my birthday and always rang me up. Thank you GG and I will always miss you."

Angus also read to us Joyce's 'standing orders':

Joyce Webster's standing orders to us all

"Face the days that lie ahead with a spirit of adventure, compassion, honesty and confidence. Brave the stormy seas that are bound to confront you, determined to sail your ship on to the quiet waters which lie ahead. Help those whom you may find in trouble and steer clear of the whirlpools of destruction which you will meet on your voyage through life. Be not afraid of who you are, what you are or where you are, but cling implicitly to the Truth as taught in the religion of your following. If you do all these things, you will be "of service". If you are "of service" you will make others happy, and you will be happy too."
ascribed to Sir Ian Tennant, former Chairman of Governors of Gordonstoun School Scotland, spoken Kurt Halm (its founder) died in 1974. This is Sir Iain's imagined version of what Halm might have said to a young person leaving Gordonstoun. Adapted by Derrick Webster.

Joyce and Rose
Joyce, Rose and Pat, 2006.