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St Philip’s Parish Plan 2023–25

The St Philip’s Parish Plan 2023–25 confirms the strategy for the work of the Parish Council on behalf of the Parish over a 3-year cycle as a set of ‘nudges’. These are areas of intentional emphasis, focused prayer, and collective effort which will better position the Parish to realise its purpose in God’s world. Importantly, these nudges aim to complement and support the continuation of all other Parish activities, including those relating to inclusion, peace and justice, and the environment.

The Parish Day in October 2022 confirmed that much was well with the Parish, but it identified some areas ripe for spiritual growth. Parish Council must also efficiently and effectively manage Parish resources. The Plan aligns these objectives and provides an enabling environment for Parishioners seeking to exercise their individual gifts and talents.

Our frame

At St Philip's . . .

We glorify God and make disciples by creating a community where we live the love of Christ.

Our vision is . . .

Everyone wants a place where they feel they can belong. We want to be such a place.

Our mission is to . . .

Connect people who are searching into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.

As we follow Christ we value:

Inclusion — We respect the individual and embrace and honour diversity.

Relevance — We promote Christ as central for our community, our world, and ourselves.

Caring — We share Christ's love through welcome, hospitality, service, and stewardship.

Relationships — We build nurturing connections with God, each other, and the wider community.

Worship — We provide a space for people to celebrate and grow in the healing love and grace of Christ.

We strive for . . .

A relationship with the triune God that is personal and daily.

A relationship with others that is respectful and caring.

A relationship with the world that engages neighbours and nations.

A commitment to worship, fellowship, and service.

Our nudges


Creating more intentional opportunities for collective prayer to support our missions and activities.

Identifying the gifts, talents, and ministries the Holy Spirit has placed in our midst to empower, equip, and release each one for the building up of the body of Christ.


Facilitating greater participation in worship services corporately and individually to enable the giving and receiving of gifts and talents.


Following Christ in bringing God’s reconciling love to the Church, our community, world, and all creation.


Establishing more small groups to build community, including home groups and other groups focused on prayer, ministries, service, and shared interests.


Encouraging increased weekly giving to support our ministries sustainably with a balanced operating budget.

Progressing our capital works program to support Parish worship, life, missions, and partnerships indefinitely.

Adopted 12 April 2023