Sunday 22 December

Reveal among us the light of your presence, that we may behold your power and glory.

O Rex Gentium

O King of the nations, and their desire,
the cornerstone making both one:
Come and save the human race,
which you fashioned from clay.
(cf Isaiah 28.16; Ephesians 2.14)

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Isaiah 7.10-16 | Psalm 80.1-7, 17-19 | Romans 1.1-17 | Matthew 1.18-25 |

The Nativity
by Christopher Harvey (1597–1663)

Unfold thy face, unmask thy ray,
Shine forth, bright Sun, double the day.
Let no malignant misty fume,
Nor foggy vapour, once presume
To interpose thy perfect sight
This day, which makes us love thy light
For ever better, that we could
That blessèd object once behold,
Which is both the circumference,
And centre of all excellence:
Or rather neither, but a treasure
Unconfinèd without measure,
Whose centre and circumference,
Including all preëminence,
Excluding nothing but defect,
And infinite in each respect,
Is equally both here and there,
And now and then and every where,
And always, one, himself, the same,
A being far above a name.
Draw near then, and freely pour
Forth all thy light into that hour,
Which was crownèd with his birth,
And made heaven envy earth.
Let not his birth-day clouded be,
By whom thou shinest, and we see.

Be-Attitude: Blessed are the pure in heart who really clan up their act.


Gracious God, you have visited your people and redeemed us in your Son: as we prepare to celebrate his birth, make our hearts leap for joy at the sound of your word, and move us through your Spirit to bless your wonderful works. We ask this through him whose coming is certain, whose Day draws near, your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Justice, mercy and peace

Religious Freedom: Each year, the US State Department publishes a report on international religious freedom. In 2012 Secretary Kerry designated eight countries as countries of particular concern: Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Uzbekistan. Many other countries including some democracies, also deserve criticism for their treatment of minority religious groups.

Georges de La Tour. Joseph's Dream (1630-35) Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes

Iesum Dominum. Mairi Machines with The Dunedin Consort dir. Benjamin Parry, arr. W. Jackson.

May the Lord, when he comes, find us watching and waiting. Amen.

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602