Revd Martin Johnson

Martin JohnsonThe Revd Martin Johnson BTh, MTh became Rector of St Philip's in December 2016.

12th September 2021Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear B Looking for questions
29th August 2021Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear B No place for ideology
22nd August 2021Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostYear B God-talk
15th August 2021Mary, Mother of Our LordYear B Celebrating Mary
8th August 2021Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear B The God who satisfies
25th July 2021Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear B Bread sanctified
11th July 2021Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear BSpeaking Truth With Courage
20th June 2021Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear BStoicism
13th June 2021Third Sunday after PentecostYear BBirds of a Feather
30th May 2021Trinity SundayYear BImportance of the Trinity
23rd May 2021Pentecost SundayYear BKoinonia
9th May 2021Sixth Sunday of EasterYear BLinkages
18th April 2021Third Sunday of EasterYear BResurrection and Identity
11th April 2021Second Sunday of EasterYear BResurrection and Forgiveness
4th April 2021Easter VigilYear BParticipating in the Resurrection
28th March 2021Palm/Passion SundayYear BProcessions
14th March 2021Fourth Sunday in LentYear BCourage to await the Cross
21st February 2021First Sunday in LentYear BLenten trials
14th February 2021TransfigurationYear BOur plans and God's plans
31st January 2021Fourth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BAnglican authority
24th January 2021Third Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BCommunal Sin, Communal Repentance
10th January 2021Baptism SundayYear BTheophany and the Church Militant
27th December 2020First Sunday after ChristmasYear BHow Silently The Truth Is Given
25th December 2020Christmas Day, Midnight MassYear BChristmas: Participation not escapism
13th December 2020Third Sunday of AdventYear BChara
29th November 2020First Sunday of AdventYear BBefore and After
22nd November 2020Christ the KingYear AControl
8th November 2020Twenty-Third Sunday after PentecostYear ALest We Forget
25th October 2020Twenty-First Sunday after PentecostYear AHoliness
11th October 2020Nineteenth Sunday after PentecostYear AThe Wedding Garment
13th September 2020Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear AEcclesia and Authority
30th August 2020Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear AOn 'Spiritual not Religious'
16th August 2020Mary, Mother of Our Lord,Year AHail Mary, Full of Grace
9th August 2020Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear AValues and Faith
26th July 2020Eighth Sunday after PentecostYear AThe Antidote to Indifference
12th July 2020Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear ASowing in Tears
28th June 2020Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear AReimagining the world
21st June 2020Third Sunday after PentecostYear ACaring and Relationships
7th June 2020Trinity SundayYear ATrinity and Worshipping Community
3rd May 2020Saints Philip and JamesYear AMeeting and Mending
19th April 2020Second Sunday of EasterYear AMy Lord and My God
10th April 2020Good FridayYear AChrist Crowned
5th April 2020Passion SundayYear AEngaging With Reality
8th March 2020Second Sunday in LentYear ACultivating the Land of Promise
23rd February 2020TransfigurationYear AChristian Identity
9th February 2020Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AOur Calling
26th January 2020Third Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AChurch Unity
12th January 2020Baptism of Our LordYear AChaos, and Hope
5th January 2020the EpiphanyYear ARevealings
29th December 2019First Sunday afterYear ALiving Christmas Unreservedly
24th December 2019Christmas MidnightYear AHope Subverting Politics
22nd December 2019Fourth Sunday of AdventYear ARenewal
13th October 2019Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CFaith in us
22nd September 2019Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CConsumption
15th September 2019Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CHow God Acts
25th August 2019Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear CLift Up Your Hearts To The Lord
18th August 2019Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear CJustice and Mercy
11th August 2019Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear CFaith
28th July 2019Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear CCourage in Prayer
21st July 2019Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear CHospitality
14th July 2019Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear CThe Outside Showing The Way
7th July 2019Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear CReligious Freedom 8 AM; The Lamb of God 10AM
30th June 2019Third Sunday after PentecostYear CSacramentality
23rd June 2019Second Sunday after PentecostYear C'The Powers That Be'
9th June 2019Pentecost SundayYear CA Different Perspective on the World
28th April 2019Second Sunday of EasterYear CResurrection Hope
21st April 2019Easter VigilYear CLet go and Rejoice
18th April 2019Maundy ThursdayYear COn the night He was betrayed
14th April 2019Passion SundayYear CIdentity in Christ
31st March 2019Fourth Sunday in LentYear CBreaking Down the Barriers
24th March 2019Third Sunday in LentYear CFaith and Imaginative Vision
10th March 2019First Sunday in LentYear CNarratives and Trust
6th March 2019Ash WednesdayYear CLenten Renewal
24th February 2019Seventh Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CLoving Our Enemies
10th February 2019Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CThe Nature of our Calling
27th January 2019Third Sunday after the EpiphanyYear CLiving by our Creed
30th December 2018First Sunday after ChristmasYear CHoly Family
24th December 2018Christmas MidnightYear CChristmas and Right Brain Thinking
23rd December 2018Fourth Sunday of AdventYear CAdvent Vulnerability
25th November 2018Christ The KingYear BA Kingdom Founded on Truth
4th November 2018All SaintsYear BAll Saints
28th October 2018Twenty Third Sunday after PentecostYear BLooking Up
21st October 2018Twenty Second Sunday after PentecostYear BAnglicare Sunday
18th October 2018Feast of St Luke, Apostle and MartyrYear BSt Luke and Healing
14th October 2018Twenty First Sunday after PentecostYear BBarriers to Becoming
30th September 2018Nineteenth Sunday after PentecostYear B"In My Name"
23rd September 2018Eighteenth Sunday after PentecostYear BGreatness and Little Children
16th September 2018Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostYear BSermon Given At Evensong at St Paul's Manuka
12th August 2018Twelfth Sunday after Eighth Sunday after Pentecost AMYear BThe Body of Christ and Community
29th July 2018Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear BThe Body of Christ
22nd July 2018Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear BSalvation and Hope
8th July 2018Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear BCivility
1st July 2018Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear BPatience
10th June 2018Third Sunday after PentecostYear BNot losing heart and mental wellbeing.
27th May 2018Trinity SundayYear BProfound communion, the grammar of the Trinity.
13th May 2018Seventh Sunday of EasterYear BChristian Unity and Faithfulness
29th April 2018Fifth Sunday of EasterYear BRepentance and Hope
15th April 2018Third Sunday of EasterYear BThe Easter Revolution
8th April 2018Second Sunday of EasterYear BReconciling the earthly and the spiritual
31st March 2018Easter VigilYear BThe Angel of the Future
30th March 2018Good Friday ReflectionsYear B
11th March 2018Fourth Sunday in LentYear BHealing the serpent's bite
25th February 2018Second Sunday in LentYear BLiving together with quiet confidence in the in-between space
18th February 2018First Sunday in LentYear BLent and Engagement
14th February 2018Ash WednesdayYear BSorrowful Rejoicing ... and Scooters
11th February 2018TransfigurationYear BBeyond Words
4th February 2018CandlemasYear BParadox and Potential
31st December 2017EpiphanyYear BWhat were the magi seeking?
25th December 2017Christmas DayYear BThe Spiritual and the Material
24th December 2017Christmas EveYear B'Relevance' and Wonder
24th December 2017Fourth Sunday of AdventYear BThe Virgin Birth
17th December 2017Third Sunday of AdventYear BThe Nature of Advent Hope and Joy
10th December 2017Second Sunday of AdventYear BListening and Mark's Gospel
3rd December 2017First Sunday of AdventYear BWaiting for the second marshmallow
26th November 2017Christ the KingYear AChrist the King, names and Taryn's Baptism
19th November 2017Twenty fourth Sunday after PentecostYear AInvesting in Relationships
12th November 2017Twenty third Sunday after PentecostYear AAttend!
5th November 2017Twenty second Sunday after PentecostYear ABelieving, trusting, doing
4th November 2017All SaintsYear AAll Saints 2017
29th October 2017Twenty-first Sunday after PentecostYear AA Twitch upon the Thread
22nd October 2017Twentieth Sunday after PentecostYear AConform or Reform?
1st October 2017Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostYear AVulnerability
24th September 2017Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear AEquality of Treatment ...
17th September 2017Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear AForgiveness
10th September 2017Fourteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ATo preserve the rights of others
3rd September 2017Thirteenth Sunday after PentecostYear ARedefinition
27th August 2017Twelth Sunday after PentecostYear AEntering in
20th August 2017Eleventh Sunday after PentecostYear AConscience
13th August 2017Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear AWho do you say that I am?
6th August 2017Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear AAll are fed
30th July 2017Eighth Sunday after PentecostYear AFamily membership open to all
23rd July 2017Seventh Sunday after PentecostYear AThe Kingdom of Heaven and the Groan of Salvation
16th July 2017Sixth Sunday after PentecostYear AIs religion the cause of warfare?
9th July 2017Fifth Sunday after PentecostYear AWisdom
2nd July 2017Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear AA free life of obedience
2nd July 2017Fourth Sunday after Pentecost: Family EucharistYear AChildren's talk: God's family
25th June 2017Third Sunday after PentecostYear AControl the tiger and live
18th June 2017Thanksgiving for the Holy CommunionYear AThe one true sacrifice
11th June 2017Trinity SundayYear AThe strong name of the Trinity
4th June 2017Pentecost SundayYear APentecost is the future
28th May 2017Sunday after the AscensionYear AThe Ascension of Christ
21st May 2017Sixth Sunday of EasterYear ARitual, moral, intellectual
14th May 2017Fifth Sunday of EasterYear AFifth Sunday of Easter 2017
7th May 2017Fourth Sunday of EasterYear ASt Philip and St James 2017
30th April 2017Third Sunday of EasterYear AThird Sunday of Easter 2017
23rd April 2017Second Sunday of EasterYear ASecond Sunday of Easter 2017
16th April 2017EasterYear ASecond Sunday of Easter017
15th April 2017Easter VigilYear AEaster Vigil 2017
14th April 2017Good FridayYear AGood Friday 2017
13th April 2017Maundy ThursdayYear AMaundy Thursday 2017
9th April 2017Passion SundayYear APassion Sunday 2017
2nd April 2017Fifth Sunday in LentYear AFifth Sunday in Lent 2017
26th March 2017Fourth Sunday in LentYear AFourth Sunday in Lent 2017
19th March 2017Third Sunday in LentYear AThird Sunday in Lent 2017
12th March 2017Second Sunday in LentYear ASecond Sunday in Lent 2017
5th March 2017First Sunday in LentYear AFirst Sunday in Lent 2017
1st March 2017Ash WednesdayYear AAsh Wednesday 2017
26th February 2017TransfigurationYear ATransfiguration 2017
19th February 2017Seventh Sunday after the EpiphanyYear ASeventh Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
12th February 2017Sixth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear ASixth Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
5th February 2017Fifth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AFifth Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
2nd February 2017CandlemasYear APresentation of the Lord in the Temple
29th January 2017Fourth Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AFourth Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
22nd January 2017Third Sunday after the EpiphanyYear AThird Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
15th January 2017Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear ASecond Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
8th January 2017Baptism of the LordYear ABaptism of the Lord 2017
1st January 2017EpiphanyYear ASecond Sunday after the Epiphany 2017
25th December 2016Christmas DayYear AChristmas Day Eucharist 2016
24th December 2016Christmas MidnightYear AChristmas Midnight 2016
18th December 2016Fourth Sunday of AdventYear AIn Emmanuel … everything!
11th December 2016Third Sunday of AdventYear AThe journey toward justice: joy awaits!