Occasional preachers

16th December 2018Advent 3 2018Year CRevd Robert Willson, Rector of St Philip's 1979-1985Reflection on the Anniversary of the dedication of the Church Building
4th September 2016Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Andrea de Vaal HorciuReflection on my time at St Philip's
12th June 2016Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear CRevd Pamela PhillipsThe Disconcerting Dinner Guest
6th September 2015Fifteenth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Andrea De Vaal HorciuHealing deafness
2nd August 2015Tenth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Ian PoultonThe food that endures
26th July 2015Ninth Sunday after PentecostYear BRevd Anne DudzinskiTransition at O'Connor
14th June 2015Third Sunday after PentecostYear BDr Ros J. DalziellRefugee Week Address
18th January 2015Second Sunday after the EpiphanyYear BRevd Robin MooreFollow me!
30th November 2014First Sunday of AdventYear BRevd Sonia NevilleLiving in Christ in transition with the certainty of uncertainty
23rd November 2014Christ the King / The Reign of ChristYear ADr David NevilleReal presence and the hope of judgement
16th November 2014Twenty-third Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Sonia NevilleTaking responsbility
6th July 2014Fourth Sunday after PentecostYear ARevd Andrea de Vaal HorciuPsalms of Praise
8th June 2014Pentecost SundayYear ABrian McKinlayPeace and power
13th April 2014Sixth Sunday in LentYear AThe Gospel of the Passion
8th December 2013Second Sunday of AdventYear ABrian McKinlayHearing the prophet
27th October 2013Pentecost 23Year CRevd Steve ClarkeThe last and best word
18 August 2013Pentecost 13Year CBrian McKinlayThe well-founded city
9 June 2013Barnabas, Apostle and MartyrYear CBrian McKinlayBarnabas, Son of Encouragement
26 May 2013Trinity SundayYear CRevd Ian ChaplinThe Trinity
7 April 2013Easter 2Year CDi PriestPictures of peace
17 March 2013Lent 5Year CBrian McKinlayThe passionate life
17 February 2013Lent 1Year CChris CheahTesting and Temptation
23 December 2012Advent 4Year CBrian McKinlayChrist-like revolution
9 December 2012Advent 2Year CChris CheahThe Benedictus backstory
12 August 2012Pentecost 11Year BBrian McKinlayTaste and See
1 July 2012Pentecost 5Year BRevd Steve ClarkeThe Healing touch
29 April 2012Easter 4Year BRevd Robin MooreBringing people to Jesus
18 March 2012Lent 4Year BRevd Dr Catherine HoltLent is a journey
11 March 2012Lent 3Year BBrian McKinlayJesus breaks the barriers
4 March 2012Lent 2Year BChris CheahSmall bad habits
18 December 2011Advent 4Year BRt Revd Stuart RobinsonFiftieth anniversary
30 October 2011Pentecost 20Year AVen Dr Sarah MacneilDo we show people what God is like?
9 October 2011Pentecost 17Year ARevd Steve ClarkeCreation anxiety and the Sabbath voice of Jesus
21 August 2011 10amPentecost 10Year ARt Revd Trevor EdwardsAcknowledge Christ, worship Christ
14 August 2011Pentecost 9Year ARevd Steve ClarkeThe Prophet Mary
22 May 2011Easter 5Year AChris CheahThe Journey and the destination
3 April 2011Lent 4Year ABrian McKinlayHealing and the work of God
15 November 2010Revd Doug BannermanFuneral of Joyce Webster
7 November 2010Pentecost 24Year CBrian McKinlayHaggai ch 2
10 October 2010Pentecost 20Year CBrian McKinlayHealing prayer
27 June 2010Pentecost 5Year CChris CheahNest or quest?
16 May 2010Easter 7Year CDr Heather ThomsonBecoming one
6 December 2009Advent 2Year CChris CheahZacharias' Story
27 October 2009Year BBrian McKinlay with Kerry-Anne CousinsSynod Report 2009
14 December 2008Advent 3Year BChris CheahAdvent repentance
7 December 2008Advent 2Year BBrian McKinlayAdvent restoration
20 July 2008Pentecost 10Year ABrian McKinlayFear not
13 July 2008Pentecost 9Year ABrian McKinlaySynod report
22 June 2008Pentecost 6Year AConnie GerrityContradiction and opposition
18 May 2008TrinityYear AChris CheahIcons and the Hospitality of Abraham
with accompanying Powerpoint presentation 1Mb
11 May 2008PentecostYear ABrian McKinlayWhat says The Spirit?
4 May 2008St Philip & St James;Year ARt Revd Alan EwingConfirmation
21 March 2008Good FridayYear ABrian McKinlayBy his wounds we are healed
21 March 2008Good FridayYear AChris CheahWhen our life began again
2 March 2008Lent 4Year AChris CheahLearning to see
24 February 2008Lent 3Year ARevd Doug BannermanThe woman at the well
27 January 2008Epiphany 3Year ARevd Ian ChaplinLight
23 December 2007Advent 4Year AChris CheahJoseph's Kairos Encounter
16 December 2007Advent 3Year ASarah GowtyMary's joy
25 November 2007Christ the KingYear CBrian McKinlayOf cabbages and kings
9 September 2007Pentecost 15Year CRevd Doug BannermanCalled to be potters
19 August 2007Pentecost 12Year CBrian McKinlayOur journey to the heavenly city
29 July 2007Pentecost 9Year CChris CheahPersistence in prayer
13 May 2007Easter 6Year CBrian McKinlayWe have heard from God. Have we obeyed?
6 May 2007Easter 5Year CRevd Robert WillsonSt Philip's fiftieth anniversary
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CBrian McKinlayGood Friday reflection
6 April 2007Good FridayYear CStephen BillettGood Friday reflection
17 December 2006Advent 3Year CChris CheahJoy
10 December 2006Advent 2Year CBrian McKinlayWalking and working in the ways of peace
5 November 2006Pentecost 22Year BBrian McKinlayThe raising of Lazarus
8 October 2006Pentecost 18Year BBrian McKinlayOne flesh
1 October 2006Pentecost 17Year BRevd Doug BannermanSacredness
13 August 2006Pentecost 10Year BBrian McKinlayHungry for bread
30 July 2006Pentecost 8Year BChris CheahGrand narratives
25 June 2006Pentecost 3Year BChris CheahFear
12 March 2006Lent 2Year BWashington OlooFarewell address
5 February 2006Epiphany 5Year BRt Revd Dr George BrowningCompelled to preach the gospel
15 January 2006Epiphany 2Year BRevd Doug BannermanCalling the Earth to witness
4 December 2005Advent 2Year BChris CheahRepentance and salvation
6 November 2005Pentecost 25Year ABrian McKinlayGunpowder, treason and plot
2 October 2005Pentecost 20Year ABrian McKinlayThe power of greeting
25 September 2005Pentecost 19Year AStephen PalethorpeChristians, water and petrol
11 September 2005Pentecost 17Year ARevd Doug BannermanForgiveness
4 September 2005Pentecost 16Year ABrian McKinlayGod's love poem
28 August 2005Pentecost 15Year AWarwick BrainThe Bible Society
21 August 2005Pentecost 14Year AChris CheahWho do you say that I am?
7 August 2005Pentecost 12Year ABrian McKinlayPrayer for healing
3 July 2005Pentecost 7Year ABrian McKinlayFreedom and the pillar of fire
5 June 2005Pentecost 3Year ABrian McKinlayConfidence in Christ
29 May 2005Pentecost 2Year AChris CheahRefuges and Foundations
22 May 2005TrinityYear AIan MarshallThe Trinity
25 March 2005Good FridayYear AChris CheahReflection on John 13.1-17,31
20 February 2005Lent 2Year ASarah GowtyConfidence in Christ
13 February 2005Lent 1Year AChris CheahDesert walking
16 January 2005Epiphany 2Year AChris CheahWhat are you looking for?
9 January 2005Epiphany 1Year ARevd Ian ChaplinA voice from heaven
12 December 2004Advent 3Year AChris CheahA flower in the desert
30 May 2004PentecostYear CChris CheahAir and fire
25 April 2004Easter 3Year CChris CheahResurrection resonances
28 March 2004Lent 5Year CKen BatterhamOffering ourselves
22 February 2004TransfigurationYear CChris CheahJudging and measuring
14 December 2003Advent 3Year CChris CheahPeace and repentance
12 October 2003Pentecost 18Year BChris CheahPosessions
27 July 2003Pentecost 7Year BChris CheahLectio Divina

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602