28 December 2003Christmas 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonThe twelve days of Christmas
25 December 2003ChristmasYear CRevd Rob LamertonChristmas
24 December 2003Christmas EveYear CRevd Rob LamertonChristmas Eve
21 December 2003Advent 4Year CRevd Linda AnchellBe the change you wish to see
14 December 2003Advent 3Year CChris CheahPeace and repentance
7 December 2003Advent 2Year CRevd Jeannette McHughIt's Time
30 November 2003Advent 1Year CRevd Rob LamertonHope
23 November 2003Christ the KingYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus as Lord is the way to freedom
16 November 2003Pentecost 23Year BRevd Rob LamertonOur work must serve the mission
9 November 2003Pentecost 22Year BRevd Rob LamertonRuth's commitment
2 November 2003All SaintsYear BRevd Rob LamertonThe saints' life with God
26 October 2003Pentecost 20Year BRevd Rob LamertonOur place before God as community
19 October 2003Pentecost 19Year BRevd Rob LamertonGreatness is in service
12 October 2003Pentecost 18Year BChris CheahPosessions
24 August 2003Pentecost 11Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe armour of God
17 August 2003Pentecost 10Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe life of heaven in our midst
10 August 2003Pentecost 9Year BRevd Linda AnchellDe Profondis
3 August 2003Pentecost 8Year BRevd Rob LamertonA welcoming and safe place
27 July 2003Pentecost 7Year BChris CheahLectio Divina

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602