25 December 2006ChristmasYear CRevd Rebecca NewlandChristmas is for adults
24 December 2006Advent 4Year CRevd Linda AnchellGod gazes at us
17 December 2006Advent 3Year CChris CheahJoy
10 December 2006Advent 2Year CBrian McKinlayWalking and working in the ways of peace
3 December 2006Advent 1Year CRevd Rebecca NewlandWhen apocalyptic confronts us, stand up and embrace hope
26 November 2006Christ the KingYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandDo what ever he tells you and let the Kingdom come
19 November 2006Pentecost 24Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandInvite others to "Come and See" our hope
12 November 2006Pentecost 23Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandHave faith and trust that your giving will be blessed.
5 November 2006Pentecost 22Year BBrian McKinlayThe raising of Lazarus
29 October 2006Pentecost 21Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandWe are blind and we need healing
22 October 2006Pentecost 20Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandBe in awe and wonder as we love and serve creation.
15 October 2006Pentecost 19Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGot questions? There is a story
8 October 2006Pentecost 18Year BBrian McKinlayOne flesh
1 October 2006Pentecost 17Year BRevd Doug BannermanSacredness
24 September 2006Pentecost 16Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur words create; take care
17 September 2006Pentecost 15Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandTake up the cross and be free.
10 September 2006Pentecost 14Year BRevd Jeannette McHughWalking in the light of God
3 September 2006Pentecost 13Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandLet the Word go to your heart
27 August 2006Pentecost 12Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandJesus has the words of eternal life; stand firm
20 August 2006Pentecost 11Year BRevd Linda AnchellTurn on the light
13 August 2006Pentecost 10Year BBrian McKinlayHungry for bread
6 August 2006Pentecost 9Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandOur moments of truth
30 July 2006Pentecost 8Year BChris CheahGrand narratives
23 July 2006Pentecost 7Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandIn Jesus Christ there are no walls
16 July 2006Pentecost 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandPut God first, second and third
9 July 2006Pentecost 5Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandFailure
2 July 2006Pentecost 4Year BRevd Linda AnchellUnclean!
25 June 2006Pentecost 3Year BChris CheahFear
18 June 2006Pentecost 2Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandThe Kingdom of God is surprising
11 June 2006TrinityYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandLove as the Trinity dances
4 June 2006PentecostYear BRevd Rebecca NewlandOpen your heart to the Spirit of God
28 May 2006Easter 7Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandBe one as God is one
21 May 2006Easter 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandLove as Jesus commands
14 May 2006Easter 5Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandAbide in Jesus and bear fruit
7 May 2006Easter 4Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandLook around and God will show you the way
30 April 2006Easter 3Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandKnow Jesus
23 April 2006Easter 2Year BRevd Rob LamertonThere is no substitute for telling our own story
16 April 2006EasterYear BRevd Rob LamertonHe is Risen indeed! Alleluia!
9 April 2006Lent 6Year BRevd Rebecca NewlandGod knows
2 April 2006Lent 5Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe Greeks did not get an answer!
26 March 2006Lent 4Year BRevd Rob LamertonGod so loved the world
19 March 2006Lent 3Year BRevd Rob LamertonJesus cleanses the temple
12 March 2006Lent 2Year BWashington OlooFarewell address
12 March 2006Lent 2Year BRevd Rob LamertonGod gives life against the odds
5 March 2006Lent 1Year BRevd Rob LamertonThe Covenant
26 February 2006TransfigurationYear BRevd Rob LamertonGod's glory in Jesus
19 February 2006Epiphany 7Year BRevd Rob LamertonHealing and forgiveness
12 February 2006Epiphany 6Year BRevd Rob LamertonJesus cleanses the leper
5 February 2006Epiphany 5Year BRt Revd Dr George BrowningCompelled to preach the gospel
29 January 2006Epiphany 4Year BRevd Rob LamertonJesus heals and preaches with authority
22 January 2006Epiphany 3Year BRevd Rob LamertonAnniversaries
15 January 2006Epiphany 2Year BRevd Doug BannermanCalling the Earth to witness
8 January 2006Epiphany 1Year BRevd Jeannette McHughEpiphany
1 January 2006The naming and circumcision of the LordYear BRevd Rob LamertonBaptism

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602