From the Locum Rector, Revd. Emma Street,

Dear Friends,

Firstly, can I encourage you to consider your contribution to the parish community and if this might include Parish Council in 2024. This is a wonderfully welcoming community, and I am impressed with how smoothly things run. While the Parish is vacant is a crucial time for the congregation to stand shoulder to shoulder to keep the momentum going.

Next Wednesday we have two services for Ash Wednesday, 10am and 7pm.

In sack cloth and ashes, in the position of the penitent, humanity is close to the earth and the dust from which we are made. This is what we are encouraged to ponder on Ash Wednesday. What a contrast this makes with the image of the transfigured Jesus we celebrate this coming Sunday. Raised up high on a mountain peak, his clothes dazzling white.

The Transfiguration promises a vision of life beyond what is apparent to earthly eyes most of the time. A life early Christians were hoping for as they started a Lenten journey towards Easter baptism. The focus of their Lenten journey wasn't about what was given up, but what was being taken up. As you begin your Lenten journey, what might you take up this year that will bring you closer to God?

Warm regards,
Rev Emma

11 February 2024