Revd Andrea de Vaal Horciu


Andrea de Vaal-Horciu was ordained as a vocational deacon at St Saviour's Cathedral on 23rd March 2013, while a member of St Philip's ministry team. She had recently completed ordination training at St Mark's National Theological Centre and St Philip's.

Andrea was born in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She has been in children's, youth and family ministry in Switzerland, Suffolk, Wales and Liverpool.

Andrea worked for the Church Mission Society in Romania with street children and in a hospital for children with HIV and AIDS, where she met her husband Lucian. They have two children, Lulu and Joshua.

While at St Philip's, Andrea was a school chaplain for School Chaplaincy ACT and worked in high schools supporting youth in many areas, including at Black Mountain School, a secondary school for students requiring a special education programs and facilities. Andrea had been a children's and family minister in Canberra parishes and became cross-cultural family minister at St Philip's.

Andrea also participated in Luke 14, to raise awareness of inclusion in churches around Canberra of people with disabilities.

Sometime after leaving St Philip's, Andrea was ordained priest. She works as school chaplain, disability chaplain for Anglicare, and director of Embracing Ministries here in Canberra.