St Cecilia
St Cecilia, patron of music and musicians, pictured by Ellen Chavez de Lietner.

Music is an important part of worship and community life at St Philip's.

Although St Philip's doesn't have a permanent choir, we have many singers and musicians! Everyone is encouraged to sing. But if you have a tin ear and no voice, you're just as welcome in church!

Most weekly services include music and singing, except the 8am Sunday Eucharist, which is spoken only. As well as hymns, there will often be other music.

Each celebration has its special music!

We enjoy the sound of our restored Hill, Norman & Beard 'Continuo' 1964 pipe organ.

On 16 December 2021 there was a special service of Evensong (1662) to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the decidcation of the church building and the establishemtn of St Philip's as a parish.