Calendar and readings for Sundays and Holy Days

St John the Evangelist

Introduction to the Lectionary

Click on the link to read any of the texts, courtesy of, in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, which is used at St. Philip's, or from the 1997 Liturgical Psalter used in A Prayer Book for Australia. and other prayer books world-wide.

A Prayer Book for Australia (1995), includes a Sunday lectionary that follows the 1992 Revised Common Lectionary. This was prepared by the international and ecumenical Consultation on Common Texts and is used by many churches throughout the world.

A new booklet of An Australian Lectionary is published annually by the Anglican Church of Australia. As well as readings for Sundays and Holy Days, it includes suggested Bible readings for daily Morning and Evening Prayer and for Holy Communion on weekdays.

In the Holy Communion service on Sundays and Holy Days:

The lectionary uses a three-year cycle (Years A, B and C). In year A, the Gospel reading is usually from Matthew, in year B from Mark, and in year C, from Luke. The Gospel of John is used to supplement the other Gospels and provides most of the Gospel readings in the Easter Season.

Year A: 2022-23, 2025-26, 2028-29, 2031-32, 2034-35, 2037-38, 2040-41, 2043-44, 2046-47.
Year B: 2023-24, 2026-27, 2029-30, 2032-33, 2035-36, 2038-39, 2041-42, 2044-45, 2047-48.
Year C: 2024-25, 2027-28, 2030-31, 2033-34, 2036-37, 2039-40, 2042-43, 2045-46, 2048-49.

Reading in worship

If you are about to read in a worship service, you may may like to read our notes on reading in worship — the why, what, where and when, and the practicalities, the how.