Saturday 5 December

Reveal among us the light of your presence, that we may behold your power and glory.

Readings: Isaiah 30.19-26 | Psalm 147.1-6 | Matthew 9.35-10.1(2-4)5-8 |

"He will give rain for the seed with which you sow the ground (Isaiah 30.23)."


Vincent van Gogh. Rain. (Saint-Rémy, 1889). Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Nativity
C. S. Lewis

Among the oxen (like an ox I’m slow)
I see a glory in the stable grow
Which, with the ox’s dullness might at length
Give me an ox's strength.

Among the asses (stubborn I as they)
I see my Saviour where I looked for hay;
So may my beastlike folly learn at least
The patience of a beast.

Among the sheep (I like a sheep have strayed)
I watch the manger where my Lord is laid;
Oh that my baa-ing nature would win thence
Some woolly innocence!


O God, our light and our salvation, illuminate our lives, that we may see your goodness in the land of the living, and, looking on your beauty, may be changed into the likeness of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Psalm 147.1-11, from The Scottish Psalter 1650, sung by Jason Coghill to the tune Thanksgiving.

May the Lord, when he comes, find us watching and waiting. Amen.

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