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Second Sunday in Lent : 8 March

Hear our voice, O Lord, according to your faithful love.

Lectionary readings (Click the links to see the readings):
| Genesis 12.1-4a | Psalm 121 | Romans 4.1-17 | John 3.1-17 |


Anselm in the window of the
Anselm chapel at Canterbury Cathedral

Prayer to God

Almighty God, merciful Father, and my good Lord,
have mercy on me, a sinner.
Grant me forgiveness of my sins.
Make me guard against and overcome
all snares, temptations, and harmful pleasures.

May I shun utterly in word and in deed,
whatever you forbid,
and do and keep whatever you command.
Let me believe and hope, love and live,
according to your purpose and your will.

Give me heart-piercing goodness and humility;
discerning abstinence and mortification of the flesh.
Help me to love you and pray to you,
praise you and meditate upon you.
May I act and think in all things according to your will,
purely, soberly, devoutly,
and with a true and effective mind.
Let me know your commandments, and love them,
carry them out readily, and bring them into effect.
Always, Lord, let me go on with humility to better things
and never grow slack.

Lord, do not give me over
either to my human ignorance and weakness
or to my own deserts,
or to anything, other than your loving dealing with me.
Do you yourself in kindness dispose of me,
my thoughts and actions, according to your good pleasure,
so that your will may always be done
by me and in me and concerning me.

Deliver me from all evil
and lead me to eternal life
through the Lord.

Tomás Luis de Victoria (Ávila, 1548 - Madrid, 1611)
O vos omnes
The Tallis Scholars, directed by Peter Phillips.

O vos omnes qui transitis per viam, attendite et videte: si est dolor similis sicut dolor meus.
Attendite universi populi, et videte dolorem meum: si est dolor similis sicut dolor meus.

All you who pass along this way, take heed and consider if there is any sorrow like my sorrow.
Take heed, all you people, and consider my sorrow, if there is any sorrow like my sorrow.

May God our Redeemer show us compassion and love. Amen.

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