Action and advocacy

Our action and advocacy flows from the lives and work of parishioners, contacts made through pastoral work, and our responses to appeals for help. Some action is supported in an 'official' way by the Parish as a whole. Members or groups within our fellowship initiate other activities. Action arises directly from our values.


Many of our members are committed to supporting outreach, aid and advocacy in varying situations overseas. We have members from many lands and cultures. Some are former refugees from troubled countries in Africa and Asia. Others have worked in developing countries overseas.

Some people formerly from St Philip's have returned home to Africa, Europe and the Pacific and keep in touch.

Being close to the Australian National University also keeps us in contact with many different places of the world.

At home

Many of us are committed to diverse advocacy and work locally and elsewhere in Australia — for refugees and against mandatory detention, on behalf of indigenous Australians, in the care of children in need, in the care of our natural environment, protection of biodiversity and prevention of climate change, in women's issues, equality for gay and lesbian people, disability services and work for people with special needs … we are a diverse fellowship!

St Philip's care and other projects work directly to help Canberra's disadvantaged people.

We also support missions projects that have a practical caring emphasis.

There are many opportunities to get alongside other people and work together!