Parish Council:

Parish Council 2021

Revd Martin Johnson
Rector's Warden: Cliff Lloyd
People's Wardens: Denise Manley, vacancy
Councillors: Alistair Davidson (Chair), Russell McCaskie, Rebecca Palethorpe (Secretary), Laura Wood and Shane Woodburn (Treasurer)

Key points from Council meetings

April 2021

Parish Council is updating our COVIDSafe Plan to reflect the recommencement of singing, in line with advice from the Diocese, and the ACT Government’s easing of some restrictions relating to the density of people allowed in community facilities (such as the Lamerton Centre).

St. Philip’s will resume using hymn books, prayer books and the laminated Eucharist sheets, but will ensure that each item is not used more than once every seven days. A printed order of service that includes the hymns for the 10am service will still be available for parishioners who would prefer to continue worshipping in this way. This is subject to advice from Dr David Tscharke.

A program of minor repairs and maintenance to the Rectory has commenced.

Parish Council discussed how St. Philip's ministry for children has changed in recent years, especially since COVID. Rev'd. Martin and members of Parish Council will further consider what it means to be ‘family friendly’ and are keen to hear parishioners’ suggestions about ways to make services more family friendly.

March 2021

The new Council elected Alistair Davidson as Chair, Shane Woodburn as Treasurer and Rebecca Palethorpe as Secretary. Points of contact responsibilities have been allocated among Council members and a revised note will be placed on the Noticeboard.

A number of vacancies remain in key leadership positions: a people’s Warden, a Parish Council member and a Parish Safety and Risk Officer (who might also serve on Parish Council). People interested in serving in these roles should contact Rev’d Martin.

There is an annual survey of the membership of parish sub-groups: the Liturgy Committee, Pandora's Management Committee, Food & Events @ St Philips and the Children & Youth Ministry Support Group. Parishioners wishing to serve, or to continue to serve, on any of these committees should make their interest known to Rev’d Martin, a Warden or any other Parish Councillor.

The Parish Council also conducts an annual survey of the valuable roles performed for the Parish by various individuals, such as Youth Group Coordinators, Parish Office, Pewsheet, Website, Parish Calendar, Banking, Rosters Coordinator, Linen & Flowers Coordinator. Parishioners wishing to serve in any of these roles, or to continue to serve in any of these roles should make their interest known to Rev’d Martin, a Warden or any other Parish Councillor.

The Parish budget for 2021 was circulated after the AGM via email. The Treasurer is available to answer any questions. Parish Council will call a special general meeting to approve the budget and to affirm those nominated to fill the vacancies noted above.

Council has decided to replace the solar panels on the Kindergarten due to the potential safety risk posed by an earth resistance fault. Quotes are being sought for a new array.

ACTHealth updates to COVIDsafe requirements for Places of Worship now require Parishioners to use the Check In CBR App. Sidespeople will be able to check in those without a phone.

February 2021

February ’21 Parish Council meeting

At its meeting on 3 February, the Parish Council considered the agenda and papers for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at 11.15am sharp on Sunday 21 February. To be Covidsafe this year’s AGM will be held in the church.

In addition to Parish Council elections and the election of alternate Synod representatives, there will be an election for a Parish Safety Officer. In the past a member of Parish Council (Roger Sharp) has taken on this role but a review of ACT workplace requirements and Diocesan policy has shown that this position should be elected by the Parish.

Parishioners are reminded that voluntary Parish roles are renewed after each AGM. If any parishioners would like to take on a voluntary role in 2021 or are thinking about doing so, please talk to Rev’d Martin or any Parish Councillor.

The Tongan community will resume services at St. Philip’s on Sunday afternoon 7 February under Covidsafe arrangements.

We will have a social gathering to mark the beginning of Lent on Friday 19 February, 6pm. See Pewsheet for details & RSVP

On maintenance, the inverter for the solar panels on the Kindergarten roof which was many years old has had to be replaced. Some repairs have been completed on the organ but further work is required on its electric motor. A new photocopier has been installed in the Parish Office on a further five year lease.

There will be a pre-Easter Working Bee for the church and garden on Saturday 27 March from 9-11am.

St Philip's Anglican Church, corner Moorhouse and Macpherson Streets, O'Connor, ACT 2602