Parish Council

Planning work, 2022 & 23;

The Parish Council initiated a planning process in 2022 where we set some planning principles. We arranged a day in October 2022 to draw people together and dream about the future for St Philip’s.

We are keen to make sure that everyone who would like to has a chance to dream with us, add your input and ideas and join the thinking.

Please read this planning briefing to learn more.

Council membership and key points from Council meetings

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Acting Rectors: Revd Jeannette McHugh, Revd Dr Colin Dundon
Rector's Warden: Rebecca Palethorpe
People's Wardens: Dr Rosemary Knight and Roger Sharp
Councillors: Ian Cousins PSM, Tim Gulliver, Leighton Mann and Shane Woodburn (2 vacancies)

Key points from Council meetings

December 2015

The 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held after the 10am service on Sunday 28 February. Reports for the AGM should be submitted to Rev’d Dr Colin Dundon no later than 7 February 2016.

Parishioners wishing to, or thinking of, serving on the Parish Council for 2016 should talk to Rev’d Dr Colin Dundon well before the AGM.

Parish Council expresses its thanks to parishioners who have volunteered to assist with cleaning for an interim period while new arrangements are explored.

The Parish Calendar up to October 2016 is available on the Parish website.

Anglicare has advised that it will not be providing funding for Rev’d Robin’s St. Philips Care program in 2016 and beyond. An application has been submitted to the Snow Foundation for a three year funding grant.

November 2015

The Rectory Renovation Project has begun. A first priority will be renovation of the main bathroom and toilet for which quotes are being obtained. Extra costs will be incurred to remove some asbestos that has been discovered in these locations.

A quote has been accepted for the replacement of the garage door which has been unserviceable for many years.

From the monthly review of the Parish budget, it appears we will end the calendar year with an operating deficit of $5,000-$6,000 on running costs. This is separate from and does not include any expenditure on the Rectory.

Revd Andrea will be taking some leave which is due to her and will work one day a week instead of the normal two days until the end of the year.

Parish Council has received a letter from the Dinka Leadership Council thanking the morning congregations for the last four years of shared ministry.

A new cupboard has been installed in the Studio, for Food @ St Philip's supplies.

A blocked toilet has been repaired and a lock placed on the cupboard door in the disabled toilet.

October 2015

Revd Andrea will continue with her family ministry until the end of the year. Grant funding from the Pelican Foundation for the family and cross- cultural program was received for 2013, 2014 and 2015 but there will be no extension of the funding into 2016.

Parish Council is in discussion with Andrea about her availability in 2016.

The new Parish Directory is available. Please collect a copy from the foyer. Many thanks to Rev’d Jeannette and Denise Manley for their work. There are 99 families and a total of 200 people listed.

An application has been lodged with the Snow Foundation for funding for the Northbourne Community Centre program for the next three years. Many thanks to Rosemary Knight assisted by Revd Robin, Liz Drysdale and Shane Woodburn for preparing the application.

A working bee to complete the installation of the concrete sleeper garden edging along the Macpherson Street footpath is planned for Saturday 7 November, 8am–10a.m. Strong helpers needed please.

A pre-Advent working bee to clean and prepare the church and courtyard for Advent services and events is proposed for 21 November from 9am-12. Many helpers/families needed to help.

Roger Sharp will be the contact person about cleaning of the church. The current weekly cleaning arrangements only allow a short time in which to carry out a number of cleaning tasks. The status of cleaning will be monitored and re-assessed at the December Parish Council meeting. Cleaning usually occurs on Saturday mornings. Any concerns about cleaning to Roger personally please.

September 2015

Parish Council expressed great appreciation for all the efforts put into staging such a successful inaugural Spring Fling. The event attracted large numbers of people from the community and raised over $5000.

Rev’d Jeannette’s last Sunday presiding as interim Locum (Acting Rector) is today, 13 September. Parish Council expressed their deep appreciation for her experienced leadership and guidance over the last eight months.

The first Sunday for Rev’d Dr Colin Dundon whom Bishop Stuart has appointed as the long term Locum will be next Sunday, 20 September.

Parish Council has initiated a Rectory maintenance project with the aim of completing the necessary work by the end of the year. Some working bees will be needed over the next few months, particularly in the garden.

The leased Parish car has been returned to Anglicar. Rev’d Dr Colin will use his own car and receive a car allowance.

Rev'd Jeannette and Denise Manley are updating the Parish Roll. Please let them know by 20 September if your details need updating or annotate the copy of the Parish Roll in the foyer. The aim is to print the new Parish Roll by mid October.

August 2015

A reminder that Rev’d Jeannette will continue as Interim Locum until the third week of September. The first Sunday for Rev’d Colin Dundon whom Bishop Stuart has appointed as the long term Locum will be Sunday 20 September.

The Diocesan Synod will be held in Goulburn from 11-13 September. St Philip’s will be represented by Rev’ds Robin, Andrea and Peter, and by Philippa Wicks, Rosemary Knight and Joseph Ador.

The Parish Council and Parish members of the Clergy Appointment Board would like to express their appreciation for the thoughtful and helpful comments received from parishioners on the draft Parish Profile.

While the Profile is a key document for the start of the appointment process, parishioners can at any time speak with or write to, Denise Manley, Chris Cheah or Ian Cousins about any further comments, ideas or concerns.

Rev’d Jeannette and Denise Manley are updating the Parish Roll. Please let them know if your details need updating or annotate the copy of the Parish Roll in the foyer.

The Parish Council expressed appreciation for the funding by Pandora’s of the new dishwasher in the Lamerton Centre and for a contribution of $500 from Pandora’s towards the parish winter electricity.

July 2015

Revd. Rebecca Newland will formally retire as Rector of St. Philip's on 12 August. There will be a farewell for Rebecca & David on Sunday 9 August with a soup lunch.

Revd. Jeannette will continue as interim Locum until the third week of September. The first Sunday for Rev'd Colin Dundon, whom Bishop Stuart has appointed as the long term Locum, will be Sunday 20 September.

It is expected that the Clergy Appointment Board process for a new Rector will commence in the second half of August. A draft Parish Profile which is a key document for the appointment process is being circulated and parishioners wishing to comment should do so by Sunday 9 August.

There will be a Working Bee on Saturday 15 August to complete some work in the garden and prepare the church and grounds for the Spring Fling on Saturday 5 September.

The problem with 2 of the 14 church overhead heating panels is being attended to, but it may take some time and expense to rectify. In the meantime, parishioners may wish to avoid the right side front four pews. The other 12 heating panels are working properly.

June 2015

There may be more information about Rev’d. Rebecca’s employment situation around the middle of June. The Parish has started to receive payments from the Diocesan Insurer, which cover 75% of Rebecca’s stipend backdated to late February.

Rev’d Jeannette has been appointed Acting Rector until 30 September on a basis of four days a week until Rebecca’s situation clarifies and to allow a process to begin to fill the anticipated longer term vacancy of Acting Rector.

A Parish Calendar for the next six months has been drawn up. The aim is to keep it up to date on a rolling basis. Copies are available in the foyer and it will be on the Parish website. It sets out worship, fellowship, administrative and Diocesan events.

We will integrate our missions program this year with appropriate special services: our international mission project the Gaza hospital with Refugee Week today; our national mission project the Cairns indigenous college with Social Justice Sunday 27 September; and our local mission homelessness project Common Ground on Sunday 18 October.

The date of Saturday 5 September has been set for our second major community/fund-raising event this year – St Philip’s Community Spring Fling, which will replace the Twilight Fair. It will include Pandora’s Fashion Parade. If you have ideas for the event or would like to help plan it, please talk to Leighton Mann.

May 2015

As yet there is no date for Rebecca's resignation. The Rector's Warden and the Parish members of the Clergy Appointment Board are in discussion with the Diocese about locum issues and processes.

In the meantime the Council is most grateful to Jeannette for officiating at services and taking on some other Parish roles.

The Clergy Conference will take place in Narooma from 18 to 21 May. Jeannette, Andrea and Peter Kuot will attend.

Parish Council is most grateful to Elizabeth Allinson for taking on the sacristan role until the next AGM in February 2016.

The hearing loop has been tested. Seating towards the centre of the church, will give you the best reception.

There has been discussion with the Pelican Foundation about the possibility of continued funding for the cross-cultural program for 2016. Whether the Foundation will be in a financial position to support any projects in 2016 will not become clear until July.

Andrea will conduct a Work shop for Dinka leaders on Saturday 6 June as part of capacity building under the cross-cultural program.

Parish Council will organise clearance of the acorns on the nature strip in view of the hazard they present.

There will be a Winter Working Bee on Saturday 13 June. More details closer to the date.

April 2015

Rebecca and David have been at the coast and Rebecca will be returning to Canberra for a seven-day period on 16 April for medical tests. They want to let parishioners know that they feel very supported by the parish. Rebecca's sick leave as a consequence has been extended beyond the 15 April date previously advised. It is not clear at this stage how long the sick leave will continue for nor the impact on her plans to retire.

Following the decision of the Special Parish Meeting on administrative assistance, the Parish Council is looking to put in place some new arrangements by the end of May. The Council is most grateful to those parishioners who are currently providing administrative support on an interim basis. Any parishioner who is in a position to assist in any way, including Sacristan should speak to a Parish Warden or Revd Jeannette.

March 2015

The new Council elected Ian Cousins as Chair, Shane Woodburn as Treasurer and Rebecca Palethorpe as Secretary. Tim Gulliver was appointed Building and Maintenance Officer and Rebecca Palethorpe as Children's and Youth Ministry Officer. Diocesan guidelines for the implementation of the ACT Work Safety Act require parishes to appoint a Parish Safety Officer. The Council appointed Roger Sharp to fulfil this role. Parish Council points of contact responsibilities have been allocated amongst the members of the new Council and a revised note will be placed on the Noticeboard.

There is an annual survey of the membership of parish sub-groups— the Liturgy Team, the St Philip's Care Management Committee, Pandora's Management Committee, Food@St Philips and the Children and Youth Ministry Support Group. Parishioners wishing to serve on any of these committees should make their interest known to a Warden or any other Parish Councillor.

Key issues before the Council this year, in addition to the normal running of the Parish, will be: providing support for Rebecca as she approaches retirement, a rectory renovation project; finding a longer-term locum, putting in place the arrangements with the Diocesan Property Trust for the Carola Parke bequest and assisting Revd Robin to secure 2016 funding for the Northbourne Community program. In addition there will be a Clergy Appointment Board process involving our Parish representatives Denise Manley, Chris Cheah and Ian Cousins.

Parish Council approved the purchase of certain items of church linen for services to replace old worn items and is grateful to Pandora's for its offer to cover the $600 cost.

Clean-up checklists will be placed in the church foyer, studio, and Lamerton Centre meeting room to guide users on the need to leave the rooms clean and orderly.

February 2015

Rebecca is now back home and recovering. The sympathies and prayers of the whole Parish are with her and her family. It is likely that she will be absent from her duties until 15 April. Alternative arrangements for services are being made.

At its meeting on 4 February, the Parish Council considered the agenda and papers for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held after the 10am service on Sunday 22 February.

After the normal business and elections, the AGM will have four general business items:

The meeting business will be handled as quickly as possible and it is hoped that as many parishioners as possible can remain for the important general business items.

The Parish Council has drawn up a list of obligations of Parish key holders so that responsibilities are clear and explicit. Key holders will be asked to sign a form. St Philip's facilities can be vandalised and Parish property stolen if unauthorised access is obtained. These are not just theoretical risks — they have occurred in the past. Rectifying vandalism or replacing stolen items is a considerable burden on the Parish budget when it can be avoided by good security practice.