Advent Calendar 2006

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Day Nineteen : 21st December

21 December 2006

Advent week three: JOY

and from: All Will Be Well
Based on the Classic Spirituality of Julian of Norwich
Richard Chilson Ave Maria Press Notre Dame Indiana
(30 Days with a Great Spiritual Teacher)

I draw you towards love,
I endow you with longing

We are blessed through mercy and grace,
but we would be ignorant of this goodness
were it not opposed.

For evil was allowed to rise up against goodness,
and then mercy and grace rose up against evil
and turned it to the good.

It is God's wisdom to set good against evil.
So Jesus who sets good against evil is our Mother.
We owe him our very being
— the essence of motherhood,
and all the delightful protection that follows after.

For as surely as God is Father,
so surely is God also Mother,
and he shows this in all,
but particularly in these sweet words:

I am the strength and goodness of the father,
I am the wisdom of the mother,
I am light, grace, and lovely love…